The climbing shoes are the specialized design of shoes that are designed by professional designers especially for activities like rock climbing. The climbing shoes,outdoor shoes,work shoes,mens safety shoes
fit the foot tightly so as holding small foot parts effectively. Most of the climbers prefer to use socks so as to make it precisely fit and ends up in much tightness resulting in aggressive technical faults. This may gradually result in damage to shoes when properly fitted. These shoes are especially unfit for walking and hiking that creates a lot of discomforts. There are different types of rock climbing shoes such as Beginner Flat-lasted Comfort shoes, Intermediate Moderate All-around shoes, Advanced Aggressive Performance shoes, Low volume climbing shoes, Kid’s climbing shoes, Lace-up climbing shoe, Velcro closure, strapped climbing shoe and slip on climbing shoes.


The outdoor shoes are specially used for activities such as outdoor walking. It is designed to protect the hiker’s feet and ankles during hiking. The outdoor shoes are neither too free nor too stiff in order to prevent the swelling and sore feet, and also they provide much ease for walking, and you can walk for a long distance. These types of outdoor shoes are trail shoes, trail hikers, mountain walking or hiking boots, light boots, mid-cut boots, heavy boots, mountaineering boots and wet boots.

A brief note on work shoes and men’s safety shoes

The work shoes are also known as men’s safety shoes, and it is a heavy-duty boot or shoe that is specially designed to protect the feet from falling things and pierce from the below. A protecting reinforcement united with a midsole plate is placed above and below the toe. These work shoes are designed traditionally using the steel and reinforcement made up of thermoplastic polyurethane and aluminium. The men’s safety shoes are used in the constructional industry and in many industrial settings. These shoes are very effective in protecting the feet of industrial workers from the damage caused by the sharp and heavy objects while working in the factories. It also protects feet from bad weather, hazardous chemicals, hot objects, wet slippery surface, pinch points, rotary machine etc.,

climbing shoes,outdoor shoes,work shoes,mens safety shoes


Keeping the safety in mind many industries and factories have made using the work shoe mandatory for workers. There are some models of work shoe recommended for usage in muddy areas, and it can be also used for outdoor activities. Since sweating could be a major issue in such kinds of shoe professionals has designed it with sweat resistance so as to keep perspiration in standstill mode and to ensure comforts for long hours. Before wearing the safety shoe one should check its certification, standards, waterproof, fitting, lightweight and resistance. The few types of men’s safety shoes are safety-toed shoes, steel insole shoes, metal instep footwear, metatarsal shoes, electric hazard shoes, slip resistant safety shoes, water resistant safety shoes and dielectric safety boots. Safety shoes have symbols embedded within them that indicate the protection offered by them. Through online, you can find many brands of work shoes, and you can pick the one which is suitable for your work.