Globe/Stop-Check Valve

There are different kinds of valves which serve various operations and help the user ease its application for both upstream and downstream of fluids, air, or oil at a fixed temperature. For your information today we are going to discuss the globe valves that are typically used to regulate the cooling water systems, transportation of fuel oil, gases and turbine lube oil systems. It is available in linear motion, and best used to stop, start, and regulate the flow of any fluids. It is also treated as a conventional method which is used for isolation and throttling services as the world’s most common types of valves. Hence it is accessible worldwide as it is available with proper shut on/off ability in the form of angle patterns that is easy to install with seats. According to the disc arrangement this valve is again designed in three ways such as ball type, composite type, and needle type. Made of excellent quality material they are more substantial than other plugs but straightforward in operation and got famous as a stop-check valve. They are easy to repair as their seat and disk are accessible from the top of the pipe itself.

Key Features that help you choose this valve for oil and gas in the industry:

The seating arrangement of this valve is the essential feature to be noted, which is placed parallel to the line of flow. It works with a simple rotation of handwheel that is adjustable to any desired level to regulate the flow of oil and gas in the pipeline. This configuration makes it most efficient throttling commodity for seat erosion and offers the user better experience having minimal disk yielding that has a large number of resistance power as well.

However, one disadvantage of this globe is it cannot perform well when the high pressure drops, and it requires greater force for the free flow of materials under the seat with shut off application. The material used to make this valve is durable and long-lasting.

Leverage its operating system that regulates the flow rate of any fluid in the pipeline. Being spherical in design it works even under heavy load as it is built with a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat which got it named as linear motion valve that again differs from the ball valve. This valve is primarily used to shut off, start and regulate the flow of fluids such as oil, water, gases, and chemicals by moving the disc against the flow stream.

globe valves

Benefit the internal mechanism of this valve that divides its body into bonnet, stem, plug or disc, cage, and seat. Among them, the stem is the central part, which is movable with the help of handwheel at the top. Therefore it is widely popular for oil and gas flow in the market.


Hands-on this spherical design valve that is convenient to use specially designed to ease the flow of the commodity needs that itself changes its direction when required within the pipe. Use this valve that is easy to use and monitor the flow resistance and pressure drop when needed and adjust the direction accordingly based on pressure drop and turbulence. Therefore due to its shutoff mechanism, it got named as a stop-check valve.