Wine is not a rare commodity in our country fortunately. The shelves of the supermarkets are full, some of which also have a great variety of choices and also products of dignified quality. For those, however, like us, who consider that wine should not be seen as a simple drink to accompany a meal, or to have a party on convivial occasions, but an expression of culture, tradition, passion, territory, and that in its choice and in its consumption these factors must be taken into consideration, the purchase from the supermarket shelf becomes quite limiting. This is where the best brands like bodega pago de Carraovejas comes up.

The First one

bodega pago de Carraovejas

Our first invitation is to buy, whenever possible, from the manufacturer. The luck of the Italians even if this has some non-positive aspects due to the difficulty of affirming some “strong” brands abroad is that almost every town in our country is just a few kilometers from a wine production area if you don’t believe it view our map. Just as it would be a duty for each of us to know the traditions and the history of the city or town where we live, or were born, so it would be a duty for each of us to know the typical products and historically the most significant wines of our land. Regional diversity and sometimes provincial or municipal of our country represents a heritage to be valued, not only in theory, but also in practice, especially when it comes to food and wine.

  • In order not only to try “local” wine, the second piece of advice is to take advantage of the ever-increasing number of events on the popularization of wine that allow, in addition to the tasting on site, also the purchase. The possibility to try before buying, for products like wine, is clearly an interesting opportunity.
  • Another channel to buy good quality wine at the right price is the Internet. In the last few years the sites that allow you to buy wine online have multiplied, according to different formulas. The more traditional e-commerce sites, to sites based on purchasing groups, to those structured as social networks. For our part we have known closely and we can also recommend a network that allows you to buy directly from the manufacturer, at the same price that would be applied if you went to the cellar. If there is a local affiliate near home, you will also have the chance to taste the wines before you buy them. By registering using this link and buying within 10 days you will be granted a further 10% discount and from the second purchase the shipping costs are free.

Obviously we cannot forget the many wine bars and wine bars present in all the cities, some of which are also very active in organizing meetings with producers with tasting of their wines, meetings or courses on approaching wine and other events. The prices in wine shops are necessarily a bit higher, but there is the advantage of being able to advise competent people, to find a good variety of labels and maybe some wines that are not easy to find that the manager has discovered.