Buying, selling or renting real estate on the internet requires the use of a team of professionals so that the work can be done properly and as quickly as possible. For that, it would be necessary to know which real estate agency on the internet to choose. There are more than 28,000 real estate agencies and choosing the right one is quite delicate because not all of them operate in the same way. The use of the Shreveport-Bossier LA real estate is here.

You must be interested in the location of the real estate agency

It is important that you choose a real estate agency near your home, especially if you want to sell it. Indeed, you must know that each locality has its particularities and for a real estate agency to be effective, it must master all these peculiarities. So, if you want to sell your home, make sure to choose a real estate agency near you who can perfectly master the features that offer your locality in real estate.

To reduce commissions, make comparisons. Do not hesitate to negotiate them. Real estate agency fees are highly negotiable today.

Independent real estate agency or a large network?

It’s an important choice to make, not the easiest! Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Entrusting the sale of your real estate to an agency belonging to a large network is to be assured to enjoy better visibility. As the network is often national or regional, your ad will be seen by a larger number of potential customers. Teams in large networks are also well trained, especially in sales techniques. This guarantees increased efficiency for your sale.

Despite these major means, large networks also tend to treat a real estate sale in a more industrial way which is not the case with a local real estate agency. She is more attentive and more flexible. She knows better the specificities of the local market. His team can be more effective in selling real estate. In any case, find out about the reputation of an agency before making your choice.

Sales mandate: how to choose the right one?

Shreveport-Bossier LA real estate

A last, and not least, a criterion for choosing a real estate agent is the sales mandate. This is the official document which states that you entrust the sale of real estate to an agency. There are two types of sales mandate.

The simple mandate allows you to entrust the sale of your home to several real estate agencies. Its validity is usually 3 months and is renewable. In the event of termination, 15 days’ notice must be given. In this mandate, you have the opportunity to sell the property yourself and not pay agency commission.

The exclusive mandate allows you to entrust the sale of your home to only one real estate agency. The duration of the contract is 3 months and is also renewable. If you have found a buyer on your own, you must always pay the commission to the agency. The advantage of this type of mandate is that certain to touch a commission, the agency will make every effort to sell your property more quickly.


Attention, some agents receive a commission according to the number of signed mandates. They will therefore seek to make you sign a mandate even if they are not sure of being able to honor the contract. We must flee this type of agents.