Is Dubai expensive? You probably wonder that when you started this blog. The answer to this is that Dubai is often seen as a very expensive and luxurious destination. Although this was really the case in the past, you can now make it as expensive (or cheap) as you want. The prices of airline tickets and hotels have decreased considerably and the city has become much more accessible to everyone. This makes it a tourist attraction and ensures that many Dutch people leave for Dubai. Those who look for a lot of luxury and have enough to spend here can indulge themselves in Dubai. But even on a budget, there is plenty to see and do in the beautiful city. With the uae permanent residency you can find the perfect deal.

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It is also the perfect winter sun destination. It’s the best time to travel there between November and April. The temperature does not drop below 23 degrees and the sun almost always shines. Between May and October, it is not recommended to travel to Dubai because the temperature is between 35 and 42 degrees.

Money in Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates and therefore also in Dubai, payments are made with the dirham (AED). At the moment 1 dollar is worth about 4 dirhams. This rate is used for all amounts in the blog.

Sleeping and transportation in Dubai

Staying overnight in Dubai doesn’t have to be expensive at all. There are so many affordable hotels that also exude luxury. With us, you already have package tours from $ 420 for 8 days. Your flight ticket is therefore already included. It is advisable to stay in the center or close to the center. That way, your transportation costs are also lower and everything is easy to reach.

Nevertheless, transportation in Dubai is also affordable. The petrol prices are very low at the moment, making it affordable to go by taxi. Public transport is also not expensive at all, namely around $ 1.50 per ride. All in all, it is very well organized in the city.

A nice fact: If you travel by public transport, there are special coupes for women. If you get in here as a man, you can get a hefty fine. If you are in a normal coupe as a woman, you can assume that you will be offered a seat.

Ghaya Grand Hotel

This luxury complex has everything you need for a successful holiday in beautiful Dubai. The hotel is in a great location. From here you can easily visit all the sights of the city. If you want to relax, you are in the right place at this hotel. There are a swimming pool and a wonderful spa.

Food and drink in Dubai

In Dubai, Asian cuisine is primarily represented. But because it is a multicultural city, you also have a lot of variety of food. The costs fall very much with this. In the shopping centers, you mainly come across many fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Five Guys. Here you can eat cheaply. There are also plenty of Food Courts where you can eat for a very good price. Hereby you have a lot of choices from many different kitchens. So you can choose Western European, Chinese, Mexican and much more. If you don’t want to spend too much, the Food Courts are really recommended.