Here are the most common dirt collection systems for vacuum cleaners:

Paper bag: change it when it is full, so make sure that the vacuum cleaner you are interested in can signal it

Tank: usually in plastic, it can be extracted and washed; therefore verify that the operation is not too complicated in the type of model chosen. Usually has a limited capacity, but the worst thing is that during the expulsion of the dirt most of the dust is re-emitted in the air, depending on the type of technology that the product adopts

Water filter: it can also suck up liquids, usually typical of “bins”, a model used for garages and flowerbeds since it can also blow away

Ground drain: special sockets to be attached that convey the dirt into large centralized containers very rare. Then there is the best cordless vacuum for wood floors also.

Integrated into the kit it is possible to find a technologically very advanced filtering system: the famous Hepa filter, capable of aspirating and trapping small bacteria such as mites which cause allergies, although it is difficult to verify whether it really works or less precisely because it absorbs tiny elements. However, one piece of advice to give you is to ventilate the house in such a way as to combat the humidity that helps them to proliferate.

Then remember to check

In this section you will see some features that should be checked at the time of purchase:

  • The power in watts
  • The suction power, expressed in air watts
  • The type whether in a bag or in a container, if it is towed or steamed, etc.
  • The filters present
  • The design
  • The supplied accessories
  • Functions

The ideal choice based on the typical situation

best cordless vacuum for wood floors

The ideal choice of a vacuum cleaner is based on the specific needs of each individual user, since each vacuum cleaner can be more or less suitable for you based on particular characteristics: the size of the house, how many furniture it contains, the presence of pets or subjects allergic and so on. If we think of the top of the Dyson range or the famous Kobold, there are devices on the market that can satisfy different needs, offering a particularly complete accessory kit. The cost of these vacuum cleaners is however very high and the included accessory kit contributes to increasing the price, not to mention that many of the tools supplied can also be superfluous.

If you have pets at home

Not all vacuum cleaners can meet the needs of pet owners: the ideal product for this type of user must include a turbo-pad in its accessory kit. This accessory is equipped with special rollers that capture hair and hair, improving cleaning on all types of floors and in places where dogs and cats are used to stay, such as chairs and sofas. A good tip, especially if you have long-haired animals, is also to buy a model of a vacuum cleaner with a large tank, so that it does not fill too quickly due to the volume of debris created by the animal hair. For those who prefer bag models, instead, sellers remind you that there are models that use anti-odor bags, recommended for those who have pets at home.