The most widely recognized sorts of honey bees in the United States are bumblebees and honey bees, and it tends to be hard to tell which will be which. They can likewise be dangerous because of their capacity to sting, yet because of their effect on the environment, ought not to be annihilated similarly as different Pest Control Southend .


As their name proposes, bumblebees are bugs that eat the dust and nectar of blossoms and various sorts of plants. They then, at that point, disgorge it to make honey, which they store in their hives. Bumblebees fertilize over 100 distinct harvests all through the United States, however numerous assortments are imperiled or undermined. This is the reason, regardless of the potential peril they can posture to people, it’s fundamental that they are secured.

Bumblebees are for the most part yellow and dark in shading, with six legs and light-hued hairs covering their whole bodies. They likewise have unmistakable brown/dark and yellow shaded groups on the posteriors of their mid-regions, and they can be ½ to ⅝ inch long. The two fundamental sorts of bumblebees are Western or European bumblebees and Africanized bumble bees. European bumblebees are bigger and milder while Africanized bumblebees are more modest yet more forceful in ensuring their homes and youthful.

Bumblebees are social creepy crawlies that live in settlements with station frameworks comprised of sovereigns, robots, and working drones. Robots are male, while sovereigns and working drones are female. Just sovereign bumblebees and laborer bumblebees have stingers, however, they are thorned and will fall off the honey bee if it stings. If you get a bumblebee sting, eliminate the stinger as fast as conceivable to stay away from any further injury or impacts from the honey bee’s toxin. It’s ideal to eliminate a stinger with tweezers to guarantee you can eliminate the whole stinger, as diseases and different aggravations can happen if the stinger isn’t completely or accurately extricated.

Honey bees

Honey bees are surprisingly like bumblebees except for a couple of key contrasts. Honey bees are normally bigger and have squat wings, however, they appear to be comparable as far as shading. They additionally assume a significant part in fertilization and attract nectar from plants to make honey. In any case, they don’t make as much honey as bumblebees do. Honey bees have a similar sort of friendly progressive system as bumblebees, and just female honey bees have stingers. In contrast to bumblebees, however, honey bee stingers stay appended to them when they sting, which means they can sting more than once.

Other Common Types of Bees

Kinds of honey bees

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Two other normal kinds of honey bees that you might see around your property include:

  • Woodworker honey bees, which cut homes and passages out of wood and are like bumblebees in that they will not sting except if straightforwardly compromised.
  • Bricklayer honey bees, which are blue and dark in shading. These honey bees assemble homes inside previously existing pits and openings in trees and other outside areas and close them after laying their eggs.

Different kinds of stinging creepy crawlies like wasps, hornets, and yellow coats may likewise live on your property. They’re ordinarily molded much in an unexpected way and are more straightforward to recognize from accommodating honey bees.