To adapt to the increasing heterogeneity of the quality of these components, the adjuvant is required to multiply the number of active molecules. GCP has a dozen superplasticizers. With the best cement foaming agent Protein you can find the perfect options now and that also perfect now.

cement foaming agent Protein

These additives make it possible to combat the propensity of certain aggregates to absorb water or to neutralize the presence of clay, to neutralize the presence of residues of washing surfactants, marine sand or recycled concrete in greater proportion. The cement also contains more additions and less clinker, which has certain advantages lower heat of hydration but also disadvantages slower rise in resistance that requires adjuvant concretes with polymers to limit the side effects: give workability without delay, accelerate resistance at a young age.

Multiple adjuvant action solutions

From a good basic formulation of concrete, the adjuvant action exacerbates the qualities of the material. It is a set that covers the mechanical resistance at a young age and in the long term, maintaining workability, fluidity. Use of aggregates of recycled aggregates, pumping over long distances more than one kilometer, maintaining workability for several hours, expected compressive strength of the material, lengthening the service life of structures, improving the quality of the facings. Provided that the initial need is well expressed and well understood, the adjuvant action can meet all the technical and architectural challenges by making the most of each component of the binder, insist experts.

The quality of the formulation or choice of materials is inseparable from that of the adjuvant action. To put a concrete admixture on the market, it has to comply with the 934-2 standard. This standard covers different classes of adjuvant. The most used being the water-reducing plasticizers and the super-plasticizers specifies the technical director.

The concrete standard, explains the adjuvanted, imposes a class of exposure and according to it, specifies the constituents of the material: cement, water, the addition of dairy type or fly ash that can be used with a certain rate in the mixture with a hydraulic or acceptable mechanical resistance. One sweeps in these standard different compositions for problems of the environment and durability of the concrete in its environment. The text imposes minimum or maximum values. Sometimes, we would like to overtake them, but as we are not allowed, we use adjuvant that meets specific specifications.

Today, the expert makes it possible to introduce percentages of secondary additions in much larger quantities. The formulation field has been expanded. Adjuvant favors this enlargement. A water reducer will thus reduce the amount of water without deleterious side effects on the mechanical strength or durability of the material.

Brand additives can be used alone or in combination, depending on the number of tanks and adjuvant pumps at the central office. Some opt for a multi-function product, with the need to increase the dosage of plasticizer and retarder. Others favor double or triple adjuvant action to escape this disadvantage.

A technical adjustment lever

Many possibilities remain to be exploited with the additives of the synthesis of a new generation. The adjuvant is one of the raw materials that make it possible to hold a mixture that meets the required characteristics. The proper of formulation is to use materials that are found near the concrete plant or the construction site to not increase the transport costs beyond the reasonable. For aggregates, the economic optimum is 30 km. It is 60 for concrete, 100 for cement and 1000 for adjuvant.