DVDs are extremely sensitive discs, and even the slightest damage to the disc can cause problems during playback. If you have an extensive DVD collection, you may want to consider creating movie backup discs in case your other discs get damaged or destroyed. Creating a digital copy of your DVD collection just has the right equipment and some of your free time. Things you need are there with the dvd ripper for PC now.

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Purchase and install DVD burning software on your computer. There are many good programs you can use to make copies of your favorite DVDs, but the top-rated programs are Sonic and Nero burning software. These programs can also help you make copies of your music CDs and data discs.

dvd ripper for PC

Open your CD / DVD and place the DVD in the drive. Close the disc drive on your computer with the DVD inside.

Go to the Start menu, click Programs, and then double-click on your DVD burning software program. This will open the program and bring up the program’s main menu on the screen.

Click on the Copy Disk option from the main menu. The program will automatically recognize that there is a disk in the disk drive. Click Copy and the program will copy the DVD to the computer.

Remove the DVD you just copied to your computer from the disc drive and replace it with a DVD-R. You can purchase DVD-Rs at your local store or at an electronics store.

Close the disk drive

The burning software will immediately recognize that there is a blank DVD in the drive and will bring up an option to burn the copied DVD to the blank DVD. Click Write Copy. Once the disc is made on the fire, label the DVD and save it.

  • DVD ripping is not complicated, but with this manual, you can do it yourself.
  • Ripping means ‘disconnecting’ and means that the data on the DVD is transferred to the computer’s hard disk.
  • This data can then be edited, for example with video editing software.
  • Before you can start DVD ripping it is wise to make some preparations.


  • Create a folder with the name of the DVD.
  • Check if the DVD is copy-protected. A DVD from Video to DVD is never protected, a commercial DVD is usually protected.
  • Determine the purpose of ripping.
  • Remember that the quality after ripping does not always remain the same as the original DVD.
  • Why do I need to know the purpose of ripping? The goal determines which method you can use best. Each method has a different method.

Rip video to the computer

This method is the quickest and simplest.

If you receive a DVD from us, it is always unsecured, so you can start right away:

  • Load the DVD in the computer
  • Open the files on the DVD
  • This Computer> DVD-RW Station
  • Find the folder named ‘Video_TS’
  • Copy this folder to the folder that you created earlier
  • Ctrl + c> open destination folder> Ctrl + v
  • You can now play the film images on your computer
  • For example with Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player

Video ripping for DVD players or post-processing

This method is slightly more complicated and uses two programs.

Not all DVD players can handle a folder structure like the result from option 1. The following method is suitable for preserving the structure and capabilities of the DVD, and also takes protected DVDs into account.