In 95% of cases, the advertiser chooses the color of the project according to the colors of his brand. In reality, it is not so if we think that some studies say that color can: increase brand recognition by up to 80%, accelerate learning between 55 and 78% and increase understanding by up to 73%. And if that were a little, color ads are 42% more read than black and white ones. For this reason, the choice of colors to be used is a very important step and that must be absolutely exploited in the best possible way in advertising and graphics, both for the paper and for the websites. Let’s see, in detail, what are the effects transmitted by the various colors, in order to choose in the best way the colors to be used for our projects. In the use of the custom metal signs ┬áthe aspect of color also comes up.

custom metal signs


Red represents the most lively and powerful of colors; it is the first color that babies recognize.

As a symbol it represents the color of fire and blood and is an association common to all cultures: therefore extremely powerful.

  • Red is a color with which energy, war, danger and power are associated, but also passion, desire and love.
  • Impossible in marketing to associate extreme emotions such as violence or passion to a different color, such as blue for example, without incurring communication problems.
  • The red also causes physical sensations such as increased respiratory rate and blood pressure; for this reason, it is often used in sexy or erotic scenarios, we think of enamel lips and nails, by advertisers.
  • In the darker shades, it is synonymous with elegance, and for this reason, it is used in all product categories.


Pink is a derivative of red but has completely different characteristics. Pink is perceived as a warm and optimistic color, and is popularly associated with femininity and also with passivity. The pink color induces a temporary sensation of calm and this makes it a powerful factor of a coordinated approach to advertising.

Its quality of transferring tranquility and relaxation evokes sensations of comfort and softness that have long been taken as an example for objects such as toilet paper, cotton wool and products delicate to the skin and for children.


Green is universally considered positively: fresh and fertile like natural things and plants. The association with nature, freshness and renewal makes it appreciated for advertising items for the home, such as whiteners, detergents, air fresheners, healthy foods, or services associated with any type of healing, spirituality, or personal growth: yoga, slimming programs, alternative medicines.

Dark green is often associated with banknotes (greenbacks) and is, in fact, a good choice for the promotion of many financial products, in particular, savings programs, pensions and insurance.


Blue is a brain color and is commonly associated with thought and intellect. In association with clear thinking and precision blue color is a good choice for anything involving a high degree of manufacturing, such as computer products, electronic products, appliances or hi-tech devices in general.

Dark blue is associated with purely masculine objects such as expensive machines, tailor-made tailoring and luxury products. In marketing, the pure and natural aspect of blue is used to convey a sense of cleanliness and freshness and is often used for cleaning products, detergents, deodorants and toothpaste.