IP addresses serve as a kind of identification on the Internet. If and how you trace an IP address, you will get it in this manual.

A track IP address is that possible?

Each computer has its own IP address. For access to the Internet, each router receives an IP address from the provider, which is usually changed every 24 hours. Basically, IP addresses can be traced back. However, there are a few hurdles to overcome. The myip happens to be quite important there.

If a public authority, such as the police, has an IP address with reasonable suspicion of a criminal offence, it can trace it back. For this purpose, the respective provider is requested, who must issue the data of the connection owner after a judicial decision.

If you have an IP address that you want to localize as a private person, the chances are rather bad. You can only specify the country and the vague radius of the IP address. Read more in the next paragraph.


If the user disguises his identity, for example, via the Tor network, it is almost impossible to find a location. IP addresses are being changed around the world, making tracks as good as impossible.

Even if the IP address comes from a non-European country, even German authorities may have difficulty locating. In fact, other countries are not obliged to publish the data.

Retrace the IP address

If you would like to locate an IP address yourself, it will probably disappoint you. With an IP address, only the location of the server can be determined. However, this gives you a rough idea of ​​which country the IP address came from.

If you open the utrace.com website, your own IP address will be located directly. Here you already notice that the location can be several hundred kilometres away from you.

Above you can now enter the desired IP address and learn from which provider this originates and where the server is. One can find the user of an IP address and locate where he sits. This is not so hard. Here are a few tips for you, how to at least find out from where a user goes to the Internet.

As soon as you go to the internet, you get an IP address from the provider. You are identifiable by this number, the time and the date theoretically. The real problems begin with the fact that there are four computers and three smartphones on the Internet, all of which have the same IP address with my provider. So who really wrote the e-mail or spread something insulting in a forum? As you can see, identifying people by IP address is very difficult.

Preparation: Find out the IP address

First, you have to find an IP address before you can locate it. If one was bothered by e-mail, then usually the IP of the causer is included in the delivery. They are found in the so-called mail header. This contains data that a mail program needs to identify and answer. To do that, you need to open the message source text that you open in Thunderbird, for example, with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U when you’re in the email.