Law is the branch of law that regulates crimes and offenses. It is therefore clearly a crucial discipline of law. For your information, here are the details about the potentials of a criminal lawyer and how to choose the top lawyers from the Rob Levine & Associates .

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What is a criminal lawyer?

The criminal lawyer is simply a lawyer who handles criminal cases: crimes or misdemeanors, whether with the victims or the alleged perpetrators. This can be as much about general criminal law. In our country, it should be known that the criminal procedure is based on morality that is to say on the direct intervention of the lawyer and his client before the courts. Therefore, we understand that the role of a criminal lawyer is very important in any criminal legal procedure.

It should be noted that a criminal lawyer can intervene in a correctional court as well as in a court of assizes, an administrative tribunal or a disciplinary commission.

The different types of criminal lawyers

Any criminal lawyer may choose to work with victims, as well as with alleged offenders. Many criminal law lawyers also work with victims as well as alleged perpetrators. Nevertheless, it is generally necessary to differentiate these two points:

The criminal lawyer of the victims

Victims of a crime or offense are an integral part of any judgment. Thus, it is not enough to file a complaint to avoid a legal case. In these difficult events, it is important to be accompanied by a qualified lawyer. A criminal lawyer will advise his client and support him throughout the proceedings. Its role is, of course, to ensure that the victim gets compensation for his injury.

The criminal lawyer of the alleged perpetrators

If you are accused of a crime, it is in your best interest to have a criminal lawyer specializing in suspected criminals supervise you. The role of the criminal lawyer will be not only to plead before the court, but also to assist you at every stage of the judgment. A lawyer in criminal law will be able to share his good knowledge of legal procedures, so as to guide you and advise you during the trial. A lawyer in criminal law can intervene from the procedure of custody, on call of the client.

How to choose your lawyer in criminal law?

Different criteria should help you select the best criminal lawyer to support you. Here are the elements that will interest you to choose your lawyer:


Each lawyer will work in a well-defined geographical area. The first step will be to identify the criminal lawyers practicing in your area, and could therefore take charge of your case.

The specialty

For example, we will not choose a business law lawyer for a criminal case, unless the latter is also specialized in criminal business law. Also check that your criminal lawyer can take care of case you are a victim, it would be useless to contact them.

The personality

The lawyer will accompany you and advise you throughout your case. A criminal lawyer must be open and attentive. He must also be able to impose himself in court, and therefore have a strong character. The human dimension of a criminal lawyer is important. You will have to choose a lawyer you trust.