In today’s society, people can look forward to a long life. The average life expectancy is 83.4 years as a woman and 78.4 years as a man. In order to stay healthy and vital to old age, it is important to ensure proper nutrition and adequate exercise. We will show you what is particularly important. Find your options with evolvhealth now.

Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy

Most people want to live as long as possible. Apparently this wish is also answered because the average life expectancy is increasing steadily.

But what can we expect in old age? The extension of life expectancy alone does not say anything about whether the longer lifespan also goes hand in hand with more healthy life years. For this reason, in addition to the entire lifespan, we are increasingly looking at the years in which we are not burdened by health problems.

According to statistics, in 2010 the so-called healthy life expectancy was 72.1 years for women and 71.9 years for men. Accordingly, women lived 10.7 years with health problems and men 5.8 years. But how does it depend on how many healthy years we can look forward to?

The natural aging process


So the muscle mass decreases with age. A breakdown of the muscles means that the strength and performance decrease. Usually, mobility and movement decrease.

At the same time, the bone density decreases, this increases the risk of osteoporosis. The fat mass, on the other hand, tends to increase and for many, this increases the body weight up to being overweight. In addition, organs may be restricted in their function. For many, for example, digestive activity decreases. In addition, the liver and kidney no longer work to their full extent. These changes are natural, but they are different in every person.

The influence of lifestyle on aging

The extent of the changes that accompany the aging process is not only a consequence of age but also of lifestyle. Our lifestyle sets the course for our well-being in old age at an early age. Those who smoke a lot at a young age exercise little, eat unhealthily

The risk of chronic metabolic diseases, such as diabetes or diabetes mellitus, increased blood lipid levels, hardening of the arteries or arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, increases especially in people with severe overweight. Furthermore, skeletal and muscle diseases, cancer and dementia are significantly influenced by lifestyle. It is therefore important to deal with the issue of aging at an early stage. If we take care of our bodies carefully, we can slow down or even prevent many of the changes.

Prevent dementia with the finger study

Read how important it is to take very different factors into account for your health in our article on the so-called finger study. For the first time, this scientifically demonstrated that a mixture of mental and physical training, as well as healthy nutrition, reduces the risk of dementia.

Health course for seniors fit and vital in old age

Creativity and the joy of learning new skills are not a question of age, because a healthy lifestyle is what we are encouraged to do all our lives. Experience a wide range of health courses for seniors every day. Here we show you varied and varied exercises for physical and mental fitness as well as healthy recipes for cooking. The exercises are not stressful for your body, but help you to increase your performance in everyday life.