Knowing how to make a blog will make it possible for you to generate income blogging without many of the issues associated with running a regular site. There are numerous content management systems (CMS) that you can use to design and produce your own blog, although many people select Blogger or WordPress. Thus one should have complete info about how to start a blog and make money .


how to start a blog and make money

Blogger is a free blogging service owned by Google that allows you to establish easy blogs with restricted personalization and performance – these are fine for those merely wishing to record their ideas and everyday activities. WordPress goes one action even more, and there are ways how to make a blog utilizing Blogger and WordPress, and how to use them to make money blogging. We will begin with Google’s own blogging software:

How to Make a Blog: Blogger

Go to the Blogger site and established an account (your existing Google account is used if you have one), develop a Profile, pick a design template for your blog and off you go. Blogger is free and beneficial for those utilizing a blog to correspond with friends and family, or using links to sales pages providing service or products that do not require any modification.


When you make a blog utilizing Blogger, you have extremely little to establish, and the blog is ranged from Google’s own platform – you do not require a different web hosting service. If you want to make money blogging, Blogger provides you restricted chance to make your blog truly your own. It’s terrific for people wishing to run a personal blog, however not for a professional business.

How to Make a Blog: WordPress

WordPress uses a comparable free service to Blogger from site. You can sign up for a free account, established your Profile and after that, choose a design template or theme from those available on the free WordPress platform.


Some choose Blogger and others WordPress, and once again, you do not require your own domain or site: the variation of WordPress range from WordPress’s own website resembles Blogger. Like Google’s Blogger, it has inadequate modification available for you to contend commercially against competitors if you wish to make money blogging.

How to Make a Blog: Download WordPress

You can have an advanced blog if you run WordPress from your own domain. You can download the WordPress software from site, and after that personalization is nearly endless. Here are a few of the actions included, and how a WordPress website can be used to make money blogging:


  1. Get a Domain – First, you ought to buy a domain from a website. You can use a site such as to find available domain associating with your specific niche or kind of business. You ought to pay under $10 for a minimum 1-year lease on a domain that has to be restored after each rented period.


  1. Get a Web Hosting Service – Now register for a web hosting service – you can get an excellent hosting service for under $10/month. Do not use free services- you will find there is always a catch. The web hosting supplies the web space so you can establish your blog utilizing the domain you acquired … You will have to point your domain to the web hosting service you pick. However, they will show you how to do that. Make certain your web hosting uses cPanel – a site management panel that is indispensable – especially for novices.