Automation is the use of machines to carry out manufacturing processes from one place to another. Some high weighted products cannot be lifted by the workers. With the help of machines, manufactured products can be lifted easily. It also reduces the number of workers with little human involvement it completes the work. Industrial automation allows for facilities to utilize these manufacturing processes for more optimized operation.

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There are many different kinds of automation machines in the industries. And these machines are designed according to the work. These machines help in the production area.

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Are there any types of automation?

These machines are classified into three types namely fixed automation machine, programmable automation machine, and flexible automation machine.

These machines that are used for manufacturing are operated through different control systems.

With the help of programming language, the machines can be controlled. Automation uses logic and coding knowledge to function the machine information on how to complete the work. These robotic machines allow for high control which can improve the manufacturing performance.

Some of the different types of industrial automation systems may be hard or fixed automation.

These automation systems are made up of repetitive tasks with high turnout rates. The batch production works are completed with the help of the coding language. For example, soft automation allows for flexibility to the products quickly.

How the machines are helpful to the industry?

Some benefits of manufacturing by automation machines include high reliability and increased productivity, enhancing the products, and also reduce the labor expenses.

It also has some cons like the manufacturing environment may include various types of equipment and some automated material handling systems like Swiss log auto store are most specialized and compact in size for fast inventory retrieval speed. These systems are customized according to the environment and needs of the facilities. They are housed with 3d printing machines which help to label the company name on the products. These machines also create 3dimensional models of manufactured items from a computer. CNC machines can take the material and reconfigure it into a precise form with the operators given measurements and requirements.

Robotic machines complete the repetitive tasks soon and these tasks can be easily programmed and given to the machine to perform completely the work. Without the help of machines, it is impossible to complete the work before time.

In choosing your machines you need to be more careful. You should pick the right technology for the right job. And the machines should be maintained daily. If you want to work in the production side of the industry you should have basic knowledge in

  • Project management(automation)
  • Field system engineering
  • Automation product manager
  • Some basic knowledge in PLC programmer and
  • Automation technicians

These are some basic knowledge to work on a production side. There are many automation jobs and it doesn’t mean you can stay with a particular job throughout your career. To get your work in a good organization you should be talented in these studies.