The first option for a mortgage without own contribution is donations from loved ones. Such a donation is not taxed, so it will be much more attractive in the eyes of bank analysts. The bank will also take into account savings such as Individual Pension Accounts and Individual รีไฟแนน Security Accounts. This is a very good proof of the financial potential of a potential borrower that facilitates a mortgage loan without own contribution.

There are also people who have residential books among Poles. The relic of the PRL, which was a ticket to purchase a flat, now gives the right to the so-called guarantee premium. On its basis, the bank has the right to take the book into account. She will be treated as her own contribution. A mortgage loan will be easier to take.

If the borrower already owns the property or is its co-owner, then it can also be treated as own contribution the mortgage for the construction requires a plot and a guarantee of repayment for the bank. If the property is owned by a close family e.g. parents, then they can also agree to be taken into account in the case of own contribution. Own land can also be an own contribution or if the loan is to finance the construction of a house all works that have already been made in this direction. In this case, one must bear in mind that the bank only takes into account documented expenses. It is worth collecting invoices and receipts.

What else can I give a mortgage without my own contribution?

Certainly, government programs are a great way to find the missing funds. The young borrowers had the chance to obtain funding for the loan and consequently find their own contribution. Unfortunately, popular authorities have run out very quickly and you can no longer get into this form of financing. You should follow the information on starting subsequent programs and wait patiently for the response. The disadvantage of this solution is that the flat will certainly not be available immediately some beneficiaries of were waiting for a contribution to the loan after 2 years. It is worth following other announced support programs. There are plans to launch the so-called Individual Housing Accounts. They will support saving for a flat the accounts will be exempt and will additionally allow applying for an additional payment to four angles.


If all the above forms are not possible, sometimes the own contribution covers the developer. Some companies offer loans that completely fund your own mortgage payment. In contrast to loans and credits granted by banks these are not forbidden solutions that reduce creditworthiness and exclude the possibility of obtaining total financing for the purchase of a flat. A mortgage loan without own contribution is therefore possible.

Creditworthiness – a mortgage

If you already have funds for your own payment, you should consider what criteria the borrower must meet to get a mortgage. Creditworthiness will be the most important criterion. The main component is income. Financial institutions highly value indefinite work contracts and stable for a long time economic activities. People, whose income is based only on contracts for the work and the order, unfortunately do not have a great chance of getting a mortgage.