Everyone loves attention. If someone pays attention to us on the work we do and with little praising then we do that work even harder than we did it before. We all know this logic as per that this social media platform gives us the best compliments by outsiders this becomes a passion to many people. By posting things on Instagram and get likes, more followers, etc. Maximum of us know how to use Instagram andhow to post things on instagram But some may not have the idea about what to post and how it creates people to like it more and follow them. Attracting people by the work you do is not an easy thing. Because each people is different from others.

Posts on Instagram:

how to post things on instagram

There are many options and criteria to posts on Instagram but in this, we are going to see the best ideas in that. Those are

  • Vlogging
  • Showing things in the bag
  • Your daily routine


  • You may go to the place for a vacation and you shoot the things which you love over there. Or the things you had shot in your past travel times.
  • These help to create a love about that place to the people and they may travel to that during their vacation.
  • Your post can inspire them to do the travel if people do not travel much even during the vacation.
  • Travelling is the best stress buster to many people for them your vlogs help to find new different places. Even they may travel to the same city or country before but they may miss out on those interesting spots in there this vlogging helps them to find more about a place.
  • People who haven’t traveled to those places you had that helps in the way to not miss the spot to visit when they travel to that area.

Showing things in the bag:

  • Nowadays in the Youtube channel arrange a show to the media personalities or the stars to make open up their handbag secrets. This is one of the famous shows in recent years.
  • In that way, one can either guide or show their handbags and how to organize it.
  • This is not only for the handbag one can explore the bags like
  1. Travel bag
  2. Gym bag
  3. Clutch
  4. Artist bag
  5. Makeup pouch or bag
  6. Even in the shopping bag

Your daily routine:

  • If you are a person with more passion for vlogging or making videos then this will be helpful for you.
  • You can make the video of your daily routine. If you a youtube or other platform media person this suits you the best.
  • You can make the audience know how you are doing and what about your routine for your work and much such stuff related to it. These help you to get the attachment of your audience with you.

By these one can easily make the vlogs, videos, and many other things related to your routine or not but these gain your followers.