Laser tag has found applications not only in the field of sports and entertainment. It is successfully used for training by fighters of special units in many countries of the world. In this game, you can easily turn military weapons into training weapons. Probably, this game is one of the most effective and safe ways to practice tactics and create coherence of combat units. There are models of game weapons in which it is possible to imitate the replacement of magazines with ammunition. This gives the game a special realism. Find the best laser tag outdoor solutions here now.

Different Aspects of Game

laser tag outdoor

The minus of the laser tag should include the fact that the combat beam of the blaster is not able to overcome obstacles: it is quite possible to close the laser with leaves or hands. The sound of the shot is provided, but it is impossible to understand the direction of the movement of the “bullet” from the sound. Also, hits in elements of the situation shelters, trees, walls of houses, etc. are not recorded.

Delays when shooting in the laser tag are excluded. Blasters shoot fast and accurately. When playing laser tag in an open area, the negative influence of the wind is excluded. The number of hits is automatically recorded: if a player has only five “lives”, then it will be necessary to get into it exactly five times. If desired, the weapon can be easily reprogrammed: change the range of damage, add the number of charges, and adjust the number of “lives”.

In solo competition, the winner is one who:

  • Hit a maximum of opponents,
  • Got a minimum of hits,
  • Knocked out more points in targets at the training ground.

After such a rest, the supply of vitality doubles. This is a great idea for a corporate event or even a birthday. But keep in mind that physical activity causes a brutal appetite.

Special Procedures

Exit from the game: In the event of a situation described in clause 3, as well as for other reasons, the player may exit the game before its end. During the exit from the game, he has no right to hit opponents and must keep the blaster in outstretched arms above his head. The deliberate defeat of such a player is not allowed.

Negotiations with the referee: When the referee participates in the game, the player negotiating with him is considered to be temporarily out of the game, as a sign of which he should hold the blaster in outstretched arms above his head and should not hit opponents or be attacked

Different Groups

Laser Game Evolution: the LGE group currently totals 93 laser game centers including nearly 80 in the mainland, and also has offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Canada.

Laser Quest: this group has 38 laser game centers in mainland France, but also numerous locations in North America and in the rest of the world.

Laser Lander: Laser Lander is a franchise belonging to the LGE group, which has 9 laser game centers in France.

Metropolis: more recent since launched in 2007, the Metropolis brand stands out from its competitors by offering leisure centers combining laser games, bowling and arcade games.

External laser tag, Military laser tag is closer to the real conditions of combat clashes, the site can be chosen practically any: from prepared sites in a room with special barricades and obstacles to a simple forest. This type of laser tag is more interesting for adolescents and adults because it already uses machines that are most similar in appearance to real weapons from around the world.