Life abroad very quickly teaches us how to save water, gas, and electricity. What we did not think about before, living in USA, becomes relevant here. Now for us it is already considered the norm to regulate the temperature in the house and set the required numbers on heating radiators. With the real estate for sale in Woodlands TX you can have the best choices now.

The Gas Heating Options and Fireplaces

Often in homes, in addition to gas heating, you can see stoves or fireplaces, that is, it is possible to heat the premises with firewood. In our house, plus gas heating, there is also a fireplace stove. We drown the fireplace not often, in the mood, usually in late autumn or winter, on New Year’s holidays. We bought firewood a few years ago, they are consumed quite slowly.

  • Many Hungarians prefer to heat wood at home in order to save money since gas in the USA is not cheap. Personally, the fireplace helped us a lot once, when in the first year of our stay in the USA, we were forced to leave on business to Moscow. Returning after three months, we found that our house was disconnected from gas supply and electricity for failure to pay utility bills on time. And in this unpleasant situation, on Christmas Eve, our magic fireplace saved us from the cold.

Often our compatriots want to buy houses that are in close proximity to Lake Balaton. Yes, the proximity to the lake is certainly good, but we must take into account the fact that the railway runs along Balaton. Having bought a house near the lake, you will not listen to the birds singing, but the sound of the wheels of passing railway transport.

The Other Option

In addition, here, next to the lake, there is high air humidity, which is especially felt in autumn and winter. Mists on the Lake Balaton are not uncommon, and if you do not want to wander around your site like a hedgehog in the fog, then choose places higher and a little further from the lake. And you shouldn’t forget about mosquitoes. Going down to Lake Balaton, having walked five hundred, seven hundred meters is not difficult, but it will be a pleasant walk for you. Therefore, it is optimal, in my opinion, to buy a house on a small hill, and even better with a panorama of Lake Balaton. But it must be borne in mind that such proposals are not frequent and it is important not to miss your chance.

real estate for sale in Woodlands TX

What factors affect the value of the house?

This location, year of construction, quality and area of ​​the house, the size of the land and its landscaping, the presence of gas heating in the house, fireplace or stove, garage, wine cellar, open or closed parking, outbuildings, a well, a pool, solar panels, automatic watering system, the availability and quality of furniture, equipment household appliances, etc. well-known factors. There is no clear reference to the cost per square meter when selling secondary housing in the USA.

Do not console yourself with the illusion that you will be able to easily, simply and inexpensively build your dream home. But if I have not convinced you, and you have extra money, nerves, and a lot of free time, then try to realize your ideas and build your dream home.