The numbers are exorbitant and increase a lot, which leads us to wonder: where do old cars go or should they go? What is the right way to do a car breakdown? Now that we buy junk cars you will not have to think much about it.

we buy junk cars

For the National Traffic Council, the rule is clear, it is necessary to proceed with the registration of the vehicle in the data system of the State Departments of Traffic. The obligation to write off is described in Resolution No. 11 of the agency, but the document does not include the narrative of the novel that is to reach the end of the car breakdown process.

First, to throw your old mate away, you have to pay off all debts related to him. The system must record the payments of the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA), the Licensing Fee, the Compulsory Insurance (DPVAT), the fines and the disqualification (if any). Then an electronic form made available on the Detran website must be completed and signed.

Once this is done, the State Collection Document (DAE) will be generated for the vehicle retirement service. As the process is statewide, the values ​​are different in each region of this country. Here, for example, DAE costs R $ 78.03. But this is not the only fee the driver should pay.

Vehicle transfer: Check fees, required documents and deadline

After paying the collection and completing the registration form, it is necessary to go to the inspection unit of the transit unit in the capitals the Vehicle Registration Division (DRV), in the inner cities, the Regional Traffic Circumscriptions. There will be requested the mobile inspection for the purpose of plate collection and chassis clipping.

The Mobile Survey service also generates costs. Adtran-MG informed AutoPapo that, in the state, the amount is R $ 195.08. There is also the option of face-to-face inspection. In cases where there is the possibility of presenting the car to be dismantled in the transit unit, the full loss motor vehicle can be towed.A car breakdown is no easy task. The process generates costs, takes time and must comply with national laws and resolutions.

Documentation required for car breakdown

In possession of the inspection report attesting the collection of plates and clipping of the chassis, it is necessary to seek the document issuing department of the transit unit to present the necessary documents. Are they:

  • Blank Vehicle Registration Certificate: in the absence of the CRV, theft, theft or loss may be reported.
  • Police report or statement from the owner with notarized signature, informing and requesting the reason for the vehicle’s discharge.
  • Copies and originals of the updated ID and CPF.
  • Completed and signed the form.
  • DAE Gathering.

Dismantling cars and other vehicles are a bit more complex for taxis or school transport models. This is because the owners of cars must also present the letter of authorization of circulation of the municipal or state permitting agency Department of Roads (DER).

The problem of recycling used and old cars remain relevant and unsolved until the end, despite the increased attention of our government to it, attempts to create acceptable conditions for the disposal of vehicles by enterprises and individuals by creating a normal legislative framework.