Everyone’s goal is to be number one with different keywords. If a search engine optimization professional promises you to be number one for certain keywords in x time, I’d be a little skeptical. Of course, this is possible, but the big question is, how will the number one investment be achieved if it is promised within a certain time frame?

There are many types of search engine optimization. General categorization is model Black / White / Gray Hat SEO. From an authority hacker you can have the best deal now.

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Simply put, Black Hat SEO is a search engine optimization that uses techniques that have been found to work but maybe unethical (= trying to trick search engines in one way or another). For a moment this can work very well until the search engines update their algorithm and the site loses a significant amount of its search engine visibility.

White Hat SEO again means just the opposite of search engine optimization than Black Hat SEO. It does optimization, as the search engine guidelines suggest. However, this kind of optimization takes time. You may not see the results in a day, or necessarily even a month. As search engine algorithms change in the future, you probably won’t lose out. You may even ascend upwards while those who have unethical practices fall down.

Gray Hat SEO is again somewhere between White Hat and Black Hat. It is obvious that in the long run, White Hat SEO is the most profitable option and we will go over this article in this article.

The tips below are in completely random order

Social Media

Fewer nowadays, you no longer run into sites that don’t have social media share buttons, but in any case, they should be added to pages rather than pages. Search engines also take into account the distribution numbers. In addition, handouts have a major impact on readers. If you have two articles on the same topic, one of which has been shared a thousand times and the other only once, which one do you read?

You should add at least Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter shares to your pages. In addition, you can put LinkedIn or Pinterest depending on what type of site you are in.

WordPress SEO has its own settings for social media under SEO> Social Media. It is a good idea to fill out the information on the different social media, if available. If your site doesn’t have a Facebook page, Google Plus page, or Twitter account, then think for a moment, should you have one? Probably the answer that should be.

Google Plus, in particular, can sometimes seem useless to Finns, as the place sometimes seems quite deserted. However, keep in mind that Google is the world’s largest search engine. In this case, you should also be part of Google Plus.

Site Speed

The speed of the site affects the ranking of the site. Of course, it also affects readers. Are you waiting for a page that loads in more than five seconds or has you already left?

It’s a good idea to use a caching plug-in, such as WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, with WordPress. In addition, slow-running add-ons should be avoided.

Responsive design

Mobile usage is growing all the time, so keep your site responsive. You can read more about what responsive design means in the Sofokas blog. Both Google and Bing recommend a responsive design for mobile websites.