Relationships that we share with other persons legally or genetically can be called Family Mediation These members they themselves develop a proper spiritual and an emotional kinship such as by sharing same thoughts, beliefs, culture and tradition. They are experiencing a common thing in their lives. They do some sort of activities because they belong to the same family. They care for each other and give their unconditional support to each other. Even when some mistakes takes place in their family they react non-judgmental because they give importance to their family and their love speaks louder than their small disputes.

Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a process in which the third party interferes in one’s family problem and takes action to solve it. These people encourage those families to develop the conversation, and know their common interests and take steps to reunite the family. They actually give some ideas to put an end to their problems. They guide these people by advising them by giving them such valuable points about the importance of the family. These people do not react as a substitute for a family and also they are not legal advisors or counselors.

Duties of Mediators:

These family mediation sectors are valuable for some families who have continuous problems and these services provide the space to communicate and sort out their problems. They try to reduce anger, hatred among the people and make them come out of their stress. First of all, they understand the problems between these people, and analyze what the people are expecting from one another and also explain them to create a friendly atmosphere. The major and important thing of mediation is they should be impartial. The decisions taken by them should also be valid and effective which makes the people believe in them.

The family mediator should induce the self-determination of the participants and work hard to reunite them. By inducing them, family mediators made such people take their own decisions of their life. As the name suggests, these people are only mediators between the two parties.  These mediators should have the knowledge of family law so that they can give the solution for whether it may be a quarrel between son and father, mother and daughter, husband and wife or whatever. They should share the improvements of the participants frankly with their families. They collect fees according to the problems.


The mediators should react if the participants go beyond their limits because people come to the mediator only because he is stressed and depressed by some family problems. So it the duty of the mediator to take much care of them as these people are affected. They should ethically share the details of the participant to the family members and should check what actually they want. Some people think that such mediation and mediators are unnecessary for their family problems. But it is proven that some people have got benefits through this mediation. If people do not like such mediations, it is not necessary to contact them. They collect fees according to the problems and the session they come out.