Having a solid door is not enough if the lock is worn or outdated and easy to drill or straighten. The doors in your home are among the thief’s preferred access roads. But to avoid burglary, locking the door is not always enough. Many homes have old and worn locks, which the burglar can easily open relatively easily.


Therefore, you should at least every 10 years give your locks a check to secure your home against burglary. At the same time, we recommend replacing the lock cylinder every five years to ensure full operation and burglary protection. It’s not just the front door lock that needs updating. Check the locks in all your exterior doors for example in the patio door and the basement door. You can visit https://www.cerrajeros-madrid24.es/   for the best deals now.

Which locks are easy to open?

Virtually all brands within locks have weaknesses. Some locks are easy to open and others are easy to drill out. Keys with a round head make it easy for thieves to break into homes. Locks with such a key can easily be unlocked and the key can be easily copied. New locks are more direct and drill proof and are typically made with 6 or 11 pins. The keys to these are typically trapezoidal with an oval and a round hole in it. 3 different cylinders, the best lock is the far left, the worst one is the far right with a round head.

What type of lock should I choose for my door?

There is no requirement for private homeowners as to what locks should be in the doors of the house, regardless of age, type or brand. But it is best to choose a lock with drill protection in cylinder housing and drum and with high direct and copy security. An 11-pin lock is both drill-free and direct-free and is, therefore, the safest, and it does not cost much more than the other types.

Contact a locksmith who can guide you based on the doors you have in your house. In the same deal, you can get a burglary check for 0 kroner of your entire home. You get extra good key security by using Insurance & Pension-registered locks class blue or red where copying of keys can only be done by a locksmith against presentation of documentation. You will need to bring the key ID number and the copy will be recorded.

Two locks in the front door are better than one

Two locks in the front doors are better than one lock. If you have two locks in your door, you make the job twice as difficult as the thief. The intrusion protection is significantly increased if the two locks are fitted with approx. 40 cm distance.

A good choice for the patio door is an interior door handle with code lock

It is a good idea to mount a lock that can be locked with a key from both sides. If you have two locks, one can only be with knobs on the inside. With a key lock also on the inside of the door, the thief finds it difficult to get out of the house again with large objects such as a flat-screen TV.