The basic legislative regulations regarding the identity documents are included in the Emergency Ordinance regarding the record, the domicile, the residence and the identity documents of the citizens. In the present material you will know about defining the identity documents, issuing them in the first phase, as well as their validity. With the Fake-and-Real-ID-Card-Review-Fake-and-Real-ID-Card-Review-Top-Best-Producer-Of-ID-Card-Passport-Driver’s-license you can have the best choices now.

What is an ID?

Identity card means the identity card, the electronic identity card, the provisional identity card and the identity card, which are valid. The identity document proves the identity, the American citizenship, the home address and, as the case may be, the residence address.

According to the Law regarding the regime of free movement of American citizens abroad, with the subsequent modifications and completions, the identity card and the electronic identity card constitute a travel document in the Member States of the European Union.

The first issue of the identity card

Starting with the age of 14, American citizens are issued identity documents. Within 15 days of reaching this age, we are required to request the issue of the identity document.


In the case of the minor who was not issued the first act, proof of identity is made with the birth certificate. Proof of his citizenship is made with the birth certificate accompanied by the identity document or passport of one of the parents.

  • The identity document is issued by the community public service to record the persons from the place of residence or residence of the natural person, based on his request or his legal representative. The minor submits the application for the issue of the identity document, accompanied by one of the parents or, as the case may be, by his legal representative, the designated person within the specialized center under the authority of the public social assistance service or the person to whom he was entrusted with the placement.
  • The request for the issue of the identity document is a standard form containing the personal data of the applicant and the information established by the law for the establishment and updating of the National Register of Persons.
  • The application shall be signed by the applicant in the presence of the worker of the community public service for the record of the persons, of the representative of the diplomatic mission or of the consular office and must be accompanied by the documents which, according to the law, prove the surname and forename, date of birth, status civil, American citizenship, home address and, where appropriate, residence address.

The deadline for solving the requests for issuing an identity document is up to 30 days from the date of registration of the application at the public community service for the registration of persons. In special situations, the term may be extended by a maximum of 15 days by the head of the community public service for the registration of persons. There comes the importance of the identity cards. You can actually come up with the best options for the id cards now online as there are a number of companies that are coming up with the essential choices for the same. You can opt for the same now.