Music is the best source for the rest of the mind and then it can help the one to control their feelings and emotions. So music is the best source for peace of mind to one who has a restless mind. So everyone searches for music on the internet to get some relaxation over their mind and soul. Because music is the best medicine. Through searching over the internet one can find many of the websites and applications to find out music and also through the web pages one can download music. Among the websites, my also known to be one among. Through the internet we can get anything likewise through the internet one can download lagu terbaru which helps to get relax and peace in thinking. So through the internet one can find plenty of internet websites which helps to listen to music too. In the year, has been refused by the national academy of recording arts and science which has been purchased for the integration of Grammy magazine which has been belong to the national academy of recording arts and science.

The creation of

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The service of has been launched in the year 2000, on January 12 by which aids to enable the user with the secured registration over their copies and then from the service online some of the digital copies has been streamed. The company has been targeted with its users by allowing them to choose over their wish and then to make use of online listening to music. That process has been helped the users by revenue their customers by only listening to music online. Promoted copyright infringement and then the service of the unauthorized duplication has been identified through the record of the which has been not identified in its way and accused In the case of UMG v., the judge named Jed S. Rakoff has been ruled with the favor of record labels that have been treated against And then for the commercial use the making of the mechanical copies over without getting any of the permission from the owner of the website which has been copyrighted. That copyright has been provided by the law of provision over the decision of the copyright law.  With the plaintiff, the must be settled and then before the damage has been awarded.  To make use of the entire music collection, in the exchange the latter’s permission has been provided and then UMG recordings have been settled with 53.4 million dollars for the whole music collection of the website. To endure the downtown technology in the later stage the firm doesn’t have any of the funds and so due to the reason the new version took much development over its view.

Sale of

Due to the weak financial state of the website named, the website has been acquired by Vivendi universal in the year 2001. To create the distribution platform and then to get the state of the art technology, the website must take the important step in the strategy of the website named which would help the website to become the leader of the online provider which is related to music and then any of the other services.