Do you wonder about the construction of sky-touching buildings? Are they easy to construct? How do materials, workers reach the top and maintain the design? The detailing on every part is appreciable. This all happens with the scaffolding. Scaffolding is the reason for our marvellous infrastructure.

Scaffolding Stevenage

What is scaffolding – It is a method to arrange tubes in a 3dimesional array around a building. Workers reach to the top, high areas, and difficult areas of the building or ay structure with the help of Scaffolding Stevenage .

History – There lie numerous examples which depict the use of scaffolding in the older times.

The Paleolithic cave painting made at Lascaux, created 17000 years ago, depicts the use of a scaffold. In ancient Greece, scaffolding was used as early as the 5th century BC in the Berlin foundry cup

Many other country folks like Egyptians, Chinese, and Nubians consider the use of scaffolding included in building temples and all buildings or structures then.

The official use of scaffolding in the building industry was marked in the 1800s in Hong Kong. It was commonly used in the construction of multi-story buildings. Prior to the metal scaffolding being developed, it was majorly done with bamboo and ropes then. The bamboo framework was harmful many times as many people got severely injured and sometimes died, but it continued due to its inevitable use. However, after the development of modern design and structure of metal and composite scaffolding, these problems resolved to some extent.

There are 2 different types of divisions of scaffolding

  • Major classification on the basis or area of use
  1. Supported scaffolding
  2. Suspended scaffolding
  3. Ariel lifts
  • Classification on the basis of structural design and materials used
  1. Trestle – Built on movable tripod type stand and used especially for indoors.
  2. Steel – This type made use of steel tubes which can disintegrate when not in use.
  3. Patented – this type also makes use of steel tubes, but it fixed and cannot be disassembled
  4. Cantilever – This is used in areas where the ground is unable to provide support to the structure. Walls are used here but it is has proved to be riskier than other types.
  5. Single – oldest and simplest design, mostly used for brick masonry.
  6. Double – It is also one of the oldest designs, used for stone masonry.
  7. Kwikstage – made of hardwearing galvanized steel most easy to use and install.

Elements used in different types of used scaffolding-

  1. Load bearing base plate which gets transferred load from the standards
  2. Upright tubes attaching buildings to the grounds called standards
  3. Ledgers, the horizontal brace component joining and supporting standards
  4. Transoms, which is the horizontal component that bears the load and holds the batten or board.
  5. Bracing components placed diagonally to divide the load
  6. Board of batten which is a place in between the network for the working of crew
  7. A fitting component used to join other components together called a coupler
  8. Brackets, which help to extend the width of the working platform as per suitability while working.

These all types and components are decided according to the structure to be constructed or worked on. Even after all of its advantages and drawbacks, it is an inevitable part of the contusion industry.