In various real estate transactions, the size of the area is important. In this case, we can talk about living space, the total area of ​​an apartment or house, the area of ​​the adjacent territory, or there may be some other option. This characteristic of housing is very important. You can click here for more now.

It depends on the cost of the housing itself and the payment of certain utilities.

The cost of repairing the premises also significantly depends on the footage of both the room itself and its various parts. Despite the apparent simplicity, the calculation of the area of ​​the room is quite an important issue. Determining the area of ​​each room that makes up the apartment, you need to carry out accurately and accurately.

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The process of measuring the floor area

It consists of several steps:

At the very beginning, you need to free up the walls of the room. For this, you need to move away from their furniture and any other items. Ideally, it is most convenient when measurements take place in an empty room. Therefore, it is convenient to do this immediately after moving into a new apartment or a new private house.

At first glance, it may seem that it is enough to measure the two sides multiply the numbers obtained and thereby obtain the value of the area of ​​this room. But not everything is so simple here. First of all, we note that even a rectangular looking room may not be exactly that. Therefore, you need to measure all four walls, not just two. Also, in many cases, the shape of a room may have a more complex shape than a rectangle. Therefore, in the second step, it is necessary to conditionally divide the room into rectangular sections.

The next step is very important. Here you need to draw a room diagram, mark rectangular areas on it. If the paper is not at hand, you can mark these areas with scotch tape or another similar way. This separation will eliminate possible confusion during the measurement.

At this step, you need to measure each wall and each conditional division into rectangles. The measurements must be made again for self-control. The reliability of the numbers obtained is very important.

Next, you need to calculate the area of ​​each resulting plot. It is important to note here that in some premises the area may consist not only of rectangular components, but also have a different shape. It can be triangular, round sections. Other options are also possible. When measuring the room does not require centimeter accuracy. It is enough to round up to tens of centimeters.

At the final step, you need to add the resulting values ​​to get the final value.

Some features of the area calculation

In some rooms, there may be various kinds of projections or recesses in the walls. Their consideration depends on the specific purpose of measuring the area. For example, if we are talking about specific types of repair, various nuances may come to the fore. For example, if calculations are made for installing a heated floor, then, depending on the specific task, you can exclude an area that is engaged in heavy furniture, which is unlikely to move in the foreseeable future.