Why is a stunningly designed website necessary for your business? It’s absolutely no-brainer if you think that only a well-crafted website can convert your audience into paying customers, followers, fans, and advocates of your service, product, or brand. Here in this article, we are offering a comprehensive guide that’s designed to make a newcomer to an expert in just a few days. We are a Seattle web design company, and we strive to make only the best websites for each and every client.

Designing WordPress: Changing theme color

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So far, in this tutorial, we have advanced quite a bit. We have done editing and changing the title, tagline, and logo in our previous lesson, and we can change the color of the theme as per our liking. Once you’re in the color section, you can change the background color if you like, and we’ll see that it changes in the live preview. And if you don’t want any of the changes that you have done, we can always click default to bring it back to the original color.

Then we can change our text color in the same way. So if I wanted to make it purple, then once again we can click default link color, which is a clickable link. We can change the link color there, and then the color of the link when we hover on it. We can change this to yellow for the example – if we hover over this link, it’s going to change its color to the yellow. After that, we can change the color of the “visited link.” This is the color of the link that someone already clicked on it. So if they see a link that they’ve already clicked on before, it’s going to be whatever color you set this to. We are now going to leave all the site colors as default, but you can come back later to experiment a little bit as you already know how can you change the colors of your site. Once you’re happy with the site colors, we need to click Save and publish at the top, and then we can click the back pointing arrow, and then click it once more to go into the next section which is typography.

Designing WordPress: Changing the typography

Here in the typography section, we are able to change the font of our site. Please note that this feature isn’t actually found on many WordPress themes – so it’s a pretty good bonus here. We have a list of all these different free fonts, and we just need to click on them to select a font. After you choose a font, you will see on the right-hand side that the fonts entirely changed. You can just click through these, there are tons of them and find one that you like. Here I’m going to put it back to the default “open sans” which is the original. You can further select the “font width” option in case you want to make the text thicker. Then comes “text-transform” where we can change all of our text to be uppercase or lowercase or a capital letter at the start of each word if you really want that.