The time for strong face shadows is history. Now, focus on the most naturally highlighted face. Just apply a hint of heat to the outside of your face to highlight your own features. Bring your face and glow with blush. Apply cheekbone obliquely to enhance the appearance. Avoid circular application. it does not give a flattering look especially to tired faces. Increases facial transparency blurs fine lines and gives the skin a youthful glow. Choose the most natural highlight product. Be gentle with face mask products. Make a visit to căng da mặt bằng chỉ for the smartest deals now.

Makeup Help: Beautiful Skin

Moisturize and primer the skin with makeup primer. Let the creams rest for a moment and then apply a thin layer of makeup.

Lightly tap the blanket at the required points with the anonymous finger. Add a pencil to the shadows on your face to bring them out. Be careful not to apply the stylus to areas you do not want to expose, such as eyeglasses.

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Sprinkle a bit of matt sun powder or shade on the temples, under the cheeks and on the chin to bring out your features. Remember to use only one degree, a few darker shades than your skin, for a natural and light finish.

Apply cheekbone obliquely to the highest point of the cheeks towards the tip of the earlobe. The cheekbone, applied obliquely upwards, gives a raised face. Add more glow with a highlight product above the blush on the cheekbones, above the corners to the temples, the humor, the chin and the nose. It makes your face sound beautiful. Finally, apply the perfect base with a make-up spray.

Brush through the corners and use the eyebrow pencil to make hairy strokes between your eyebrows. Do not draw precise lines to make the corners look as natural as possible. Brush the corners again to soften the pen and finally brush the corners with a corner gel that holds the corners in place and highlights their tone and shape.

Tips for Makeup

Initial application of makeup cream where your faces has the most blemishes and fade towards the so-called smoother skin. There is no need to apply makeup all over your face, let the most beautiful areas of your skin shine without makeup. Be moderate with cover products. Excessive makeup and concealer also emphasize fine lines.

The savior of the weary look is the light pen. Apply it to the facial shadows and to the areas you want to emphasize further. The pen is a highlight product, so remember that it highlights everything you apply, so keep the pen away from e.g. eye bags and pins.

Forget about Cartoon Eyebrows. Naturalness is also a trump card now. Even so they don’t even have to be carefully picked. Small hairs emphasize naturalness and give the eyes a firmer look.

To emphasize or add volume to your eyebrows, make small hairy strokes between your eyebrows. Finally, brush with an angle brush to slightly spread and soften the corners.

You can also use the eyebrow pencil for your eyes. If you want to emphasize your own natural lashes and get a bit of stiffness in your eyes, apply the eyebrow pencil just at the base of your upper lashes and inside your upper lip. It makes the eyes look like they have no makeup. So-called boy lashes are a big trend in spring, so this discreet makeup fits that trend. It is also suitable for tired eyes that need a little refreshment.