There are a lot of games in the world. If a group of friends or relatives gathered then they automatically turn the mind to play games. They gathered for a birthday party, stag party enjoyment, etc. At the time escape room games were a good idea. Some will think to play different games for those persons; escape room sg was a better game to suggest. Most of the people won’t know these games. An escape room is just an interactive game with a group of members to work together to solve puzzles and that makes to escape from the room. In 2004, the first documented room arrived in Japan and it is in the form of a video game called Crimson room. After that SCRAP Company brought the game and gives a new life. This game increases the players and becomes more popular at a certain time. The game expanded to Europe and other countries also. In the US, this game becomes more reach in 2012 itself and renamed as Real Escape Game. In recent years, some films get released based on an escape room story and make a huge profit in the cinema world. One such type is escape room SG. But in film, they show some dangerous things also and it is not similar in reality. In this game, they will challenge our willingness, patience, and working ability in groups.


Graphology is the most famous escape room game in the world. It is located in Boston. In this escape room, they have suspense in puzzles and it makes more attraction for gamers. In the apology, visitors get five different locations to choose anyone. In that location, crush depth was more difficult and eight players will fight with furious back- from-the-ground to control the sinking submarines. The shows every success rate for each room on its website. No rooms will rate over 30 percent, but the company will change the craft in the one-sixth moment.

Real Escape Game

escape room sg

In the Real Escape Game, players will arrive automatically and leave the hero alone. It is located in San Francisco, California. This also contains five different rooms, every room has a game master to complete and instruct to play the game in a touch of drama. Each room will argue with each other and it is more realistic individually while compared to other rooms. Example- Spellbound Supper- it contains three to ten players in a witch and they don’t want them at dinner. As similar as the pop star room of doom also contains three to nine players in a time loop and try to find the murder of most favourite pop star in less than 10 tries.

Mission: Escape Atlanta

Among these games, this was the most rated and well-known escape room game in the southeast. Now it consists of two different themes and named as the study and the hotel.  It also contains three to ten players the same as the above escape game. The main task was to find the jewel at home and that home belongs to a mastermind millionaire stolen from the British royal family. And the players get splits into three rooms to attempt to escape in different ways. Monsieur Moe attempts to escape from an angry clutch and it was against in wishes.