Without a certain elaboration in the field of law, a specialist will not receive a lawyer’s standings. Let’s remember one simple truth: not all lawyers are immigration lawyers in london , but every lawyer is a lawyer. Both specialists have a law degree, but they need a license to practice law. Differences: the presence (absence) of a license.

Specialization and coverage of branches of law

Acquaintance and agreement with the rules of lawyer ethics, not every lawyer complies with them, and the lawyer is obliged to adhere to them. Good theoretical background in all steam industries + practical business experience. Important! A lawyer has no right to conduct criminal cases. You need to find a competent lawyer in a situation where the client needs help in preparing specialized documentation, in collaboration with state and fiscal structures, business partners. And how to choose a professional lawyer you need to think about in complex, complicated situations.

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Only he will be able to represent the interests of the client in a criminal case, but how to choose the right specialist?

We will evaluate the main criteria. The criteria for choosing a lawyer In any work, knowledge and high professionalism are appreciated, but how to distinguish a professional from an amateur? There are certain tips that will help in choosing a specialist. Let’s analyze the main points to which you should pay attention.

Field of activity

Each lawyer should be guided in any branch of law, but a true professional chooses a specific specification. This may be a civil or criminal proceeding, family disputes, or tax laws. The more he works in this area, the more likely he will be able to solve a client problem with a problem of the same specification.


It is immediately worth noting that laudatory odes in the direction of a specialist should arouse suspicion. A good specialist does not need custom reviews, his brief professional comments indicate customers Win percentage If, without studying the situation and the nuances of the case, at the start the specialist guarantees a 100% victory, then it needs to be changed. A professional will not give such guarantees, since all this is uncontrollable. No one can foresee what factors and evidence will be presented by the other side, and what nuances will emerge in the process. If the lawyer has a 100% victory, then it is most likely that he takes only for elementary standard cases in which the outcome can be predicted.

This cannot be considered a criterion of his success and professionalism.

Work period

Many sought-after lawyers are specialists with at least 7-10 years behind them. Of course, promising young professionals cannot be discounted, but there should be at least 7 years of general practice and 5 years of lawyer work in a narrow industry. Work experience in law enforcement.

This criterion is not one of the main factors, it is rather a bonus. Work in this industry allows the employee to study the weaknesses and strengths of the investigation, which ultimately gives the lawyer advantages over colleagues.