The lavatory is the personal hygiene activity room. The lavatory contains a toilet, sink, bathtub and a shower or bath. Some of the countries use the bath and toilets separately for the precautions of sanitary issues. In some of the cases, the pit toilets are located in the outside of the house. Public baths are available at the case considering the cleanliness, bathing is considered to be the collective process. So, the public baths are available for the users who were not able to access the private sanitation. In some countries cleansing the body is considered to be the social aspect so, some of the countries might name it in different cases. In the case of the bathroom remodel cost is mainly focused according to the replacement of the vanities, shower, bathtub, sink, cabinet, mirror and lightings. Various countries use various names for the bath, like japan name the bath as sento and Islamic world uses as a Turkish bath, the bathroom is the word used in North American English, Restroom is commonly known in the united states and Washroom in Canada.

History of Bath:

bathroom remodel cost

Bath is mainly considered to be the ritual purification and it could be known as far towards 3000 BC. The purification is made with water because at that time water has the strong religious faith of purification. So, the people used water as the purification symbol and they used water as the element of purifying body and soul. Cleanliness is considered to be the common thing before entering into the sacred place or the holy place. Both in village and town life the bath took place in two divisions like a steam bath and cold bath.

Consider the designs of the bath:

After bathing drying the body took place so the towel is emphasized there so the bath must have the towel bars or the hanging rings. To store the personal hygiene toiletries need to be placed in the bathroom cabinets that should be placed under the sink. For cleaning the body water take a main role in the bathroom that might be hot water or cold water and also the sanitary usages need water usage. So, the plumping is the main part to take place. An electric facility might have a place in the bath. The bright use of lighting in the bath is uniform. The equal spread of the light throughout the bath space. The lighting should be double in the mirror area that would bring out the elegant view. Then the use of yellow lighting is much effective to the skin tone and then the hair color. In the bath usage of wall light and the ceiling light might be effective as well as safe for handling.

Restoration of the bath:

Restoring the bath is handled with care because of the setting out and also the cost must be affordable. So, the consideration of the bath layout and as well as the space of washing, sink, tub, toilet, lightings and also the other needs to the bath. The planning of the bath should be handled with careful attention, especially in the remodeling costs. Then the selection of the vanities, storage, and counter space should be more advantageous of availability.