The water flow reducers to be installed on the shower and on the taps are devices of simple installation that mix air with water allowing to limit the consumption of the latter from 30% to 50%, maintaining unchanged the effectiveness and comfort. Reducing the need for hot water leads to a corresponding reduction in the energy required for its production. Now with the Power to Choose the power supplier you can have a great power flow for all sorts of supports.

Install thermostatic valves on radiators  

The use of thermostatic valves constitutes a valid regulation system that guarantees the maintenance of the temperature of each individual room in relation to free thermal energy due, for example, to the presence of people, to solar radiation, to household appliances in operation. The valve closes automatically as the room temperature, measured by a sensor, approaches the desired one, allowing the remaining flow of hot water to be diverted to the other radiators still open. When the hottest areas reach the set temperature the valves close the radiators, favoring a greater flow of hot water to the colder areas. The installation of thermostatic valves on the radiators allows an interesting reduction of the thermal energy requirement by 10-20%.

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Pay attention to the temperature you keep at home.

In winter, adjust the temperature, even reducing it by two degrees (for example 20ºC instead of 22ºC), and reduce the energy needed to heat the house from 10% to 20%. In summer, using the air conditioner even less than an hour saves 60 euros a year, 4% of your electricity expenditure. Remember also to always use the timer to program the heating period and limit it to the actual hours of occupancy of the house.

Improve the insulation of your home  

Reducing the dispersion towards the walls, the roof of the house or the floor is an investment that turns into an immediate saving on heating costs, in a greater comfort of life and, in the future, in an enhancement Property. Even economically less demanding operations, such as the replacement of doors and windows or the insulation of the roller shutter box, contribute to avoiding unnecessary energy waste.

Use renewable sources to produce thermal energy

A 5-square-meter solar thermal system meets most of the domestic hot water needs of a family of four in one year. The expense of around 5,000 euros (deductible 55% from IRPEF) is amortized in 4 or 5 years if it replaces an electric boiler (boiler), the double replaces a gas boiler.

Use renewable sources to produce electricity

To meet most of a family’s electricity needs, 20 square meters of photovoltaic solar panels are needed, equivalent to a power of 3 kW. The plant costs around € 20,000 but, thanks to the incentives provided by the Energy Account, the initial investment can be recovered in just over half the time (11-12 years). The savings indicated are calculated with reference to a family Italian “type” of four people.

These are the matters that you need to be specific about and that is the reason that you need to be specific. We understand that the whole process is intricate. That is the reason you need to choose wisely. As a result, you will be able to have the finest options here now.