Dissolved in running water, limestone is not dangerous in itself. It will crystallize on all surfaces on which water flows over time. This forms the tartar, which is to say a limestone deposit. So it covers faucets, sinks, shower screens or bathtubs and makes them unsightly. In addition, the scale is a niche for bacteria and molds. So, for these surfaces to regain their brilliance, a good descaling session is sometimes necessary. The use of the عمال تنظيف فورية  this is important now.


The spots have an unsightly appearance. So, we will try to clean them as much as possible to limit their visibility. In addition, mold and bacteria can develop on certain stains, especially foodborne.

Fatty deposits

The greasy deposits favor bad smells. As for scale, they are niches for the multiplication of bacteria. Sink stainless steel faucet, white bathroom, natural wood, cactus, hand soap, metropolitan tile, great spring cleaning, healthy interior, tips and tricks, health benefits, natural deco, slow home. Once we know where to find them, how to act concretely? Each piece has its specificities.

عمال تنظيف فورية

In the different rooms, on which elements will we insist?

In the bathrooms and showers:

  • The tile joints
  • Faucets, drain pipes, siphons
  • The grilles of the vents
  • Shower curtains

For the kitchen:

  • Faucets, ventilation grilles, drain pipes, siphons, as for the bathroom.
  • The top of the high furniture, which holds the bad smells.
  • Appliances: toaster, microwave oven, thermal oven, electric plate, stove, gas stove
  • The work plan.
  • The floor at the back of the baseboards under the low furniture.
  • Closet interiors, drawers and especially the refrigerator (this one several times a year).

In the rooms:

  • Quilts and plaids: wash them and put them away for the next winter.
  • Pillows and cushions.

The mattresses: we cannot pass them to the washing machine. But, effective techniques exist to eliminate mites or at least reduce their numbers. Thus, one can sprinkle the mattress with baking soda, let act at least 2 hours and suck the mattress. It is also necessary to regularly return your mattresses in the year, always in order to avoid the proliferation of the mites.

Comforters and soft toys: White interior room white cotton sheets, taupe cushion, bedside lamps, table, soft light, a window on the garden, chandelier, pillows, household, health, natural deco, slow design

For the living room, the dining room, the office:

  • The sofa and chairs: suck the interstices between two sofa cushions, and, if possible, remove them to better suck.
  • Cushion covers or armchairs: wash them if possible.
  • The libraries: suck the top of the books, the top of the furniture.
  • The window of the insert, if you have a fireplace.

What is common to all rooms?

Carpets and rugs: suck them in deep, and if possible beat them outside. As for the mattress, sprinkle your carpet with baking soda to clean and remove odors. But, avoid the bicarbonate if the carpet is dark because your carpet would change some color. Finally, it is also interesting to change the direction to homogenize its wear.

For windows, clean:

  • Windows to maximize the effects of daylight.
  • The curtains and the double curtains. In order to give more lightness to the room, it is possible to replace the double curtains with lighter ones and keep the old ones for next winter.
  • The ventilation grilles.
  • Senior executives and mirrors.
  • Lamps, sconces, suspensions, chandeliers.

We will not forget indoor plants by dusting them off. In addition to being clean, they will take better advantage of the light.