All you know that the wall goes on smaller and surrounding you and then you can be smashed. That can be seen in most of the movie. In some escape room, the wall room is the first room. The puzzle is so difficult to solve in the wall room shrink after the given time. If you find the correct mystery, you can move to the next room but finding the door is also very hard. There will be a best virtual escape room Singapore that I can’t believe which was in Singapore. I can’t complete that virtual escape room game because we want a high level of IQ. In the come room, we wish to use our strength to get the puzzle. In some, we want to be patients. Not to be silent, be patients. All type is essential. Because all the person can’t have all of them, some are special in some ways. The main thing is IQ.

The game of the escape room! 

virtual escape room game

The twist is that after taking the key from the frozen water ball and the key is taken to the door and door can’t open. Then they hear the sound on the opposite side. A door is opening on the opposite side, but the frozen water surface is going very thin. Some big person can’t go that side. And that team will be escorted out of the escape room. And in the escape room, the team participants members should be between two to ten members. And in the escape room game, there are various types of fictional locations like the space station and prison cells and dungeons, etc.…. And the player’s goals and challenges are they encounter usually follow the theme of the escape room. And the game starting a few minutes ago they will give the instructions like the rules of the game. The escape room game was most famous in Singapore, and this game was conducted in many countries. And in the escape room game, the participants must be between two to ten players. And in the escape room, there are many different types of frictional location like the space station and prison cells, etc.…. And in the escape room game will be conducted within forty-five minutes to sixty minutes. This is a fascinating one which will be played by everyone, and really if you are a game player try it for one time, you will be getting impressed.

Types of room escape! 

There will be a choice in one room. There will be 3 Or 5 doors that each of the backsides of the door will contain the danger. And then any one of the entries will be safer you that the game is that you need to choose the door that which was safer you. Here the IQ power will be increased by thinking level. And then after finish each group there will be a tough competition in the escape room. That all you need to use the mind and need to escape from the room. That will help to your IQ gaming level.