Have you always wondered what will happen to your dog or cat if you put them in an animal beauty salon? Many people would hardly believe what we can do with our four-legged pets today. In this flash game not only find out but still become the one who will have to take care of pets so that their owners or owners do not know. With the use of the dota 2 boosting winning the game is much easy now,

For the Kids

This game is also great for kids who would like to shampoo and brush the real animals forever. So, dear parents, let the children allow this game because you will ensure peace in the family and longer life for your pets.

Pet Grooming Studio offers 2 modes to get you started. Personally, I would recommend starting with free mode first, although the first time mode is offered. In this mode, you will practice well what you then have to do on time. In the free game, you can choose from 5 animals, 3 of which are dogs and 2 cats. Well, perhaps cat lovers won’t be too offended that it’s not the other way around, or at least half and half. But who knows, perhaps he who invented this division, took it according to his own reality, so let us not be angry with him.

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If we look at the selection of animals closer, we find that they have really sweet names that are very suitable for their cute look. Of course, in English, their names are a bit sweeter, but if we translate them, we get Coconut, Sugar and Honey for Dogs and Licorice and Ginger for Cats. Except for the Ginger, it’s perfection by me … as far as races are concerned, I’d rather stay back here except a shepherd, dalmatian and dachshund, but Suger would have tipped the Yorkshire Terrier. I leave the rest to you and your imagination; anyway, they are pets that I would take home immediately. All of them. But I’m not sure how long the joy would last.

  • After choosing a pet, the game itself will occur. Suppose you choose a whites poodle, but not too whites. Maybe he was chasing some dog girls somewhere, and that was how the poor man fell. Well, what you can do, after all, you are paid for this job and so go to cleaning. First, you need to sponge the dog. When it has bubbles everywhere, you will be able to continue to the next step.
  • It’s nice that in this game it does not work as in fact and the dog just stands still – sometimes blinks, it was not strange, but otherwise does not resist, which is fine and very simplifies the work. Then the dog has to shower from soaps, dry with a towel, blow dry, and finally brush. Well – I would like to see which dog would have volunteered to like it, but maybe he really likes it when it does not move.

Your Discoveries

You will find out how long you need to do this activity according to the line that will gradually fill. Also, it is necessary to soap the dog everywhere, as well as everywhere brush it. If you scrub only one spot, the line will not increase. This is fine because you are so compelled to really devote yourself to the whole animal and not just it’s tail.

All you have to do is brush your teeth to get fresh breath. It is also quite out – at that moment you can see the dog nicely from the forehead. He looks at you cutely, just nods his head and sometimes winks. If you ever feel sad, play this game and get at least to brush your teeth. Believe that all sadness will disappear. A dog is just to eat. We were a little scared to cut my nails because we were afraid to cut too much, but it’s just a game. Even if you want to cut the claw completely, always just drop a piece, so cool. At the very end you can dress up the dog. Give him a nice collar or scarf or bow or all too. Very nice is that all three things can be aligned in the same patterns and you can choose from 16 possible. On the other hand, it is a pity that the bow cannot be placed where we would like, for example, on the handle, but always in the middle of the forehead.