The quality of the services provided depends not only on technical characteristics but also on the reliability of the company itself and its interest in long-term work. We recommend checking the following information:

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Find out if the equipment of the hosting provider of your choice rents or has its own data center and server park. In the case of a lease, the provider does not fully control the servers, and the data center itself may be closed for reasons beyond its control. To buy usa windows vps this is essential.

When faced with a provider for the first time, pay attention to the available payment methods and down payment. If you can pay for the service only through Web-money or QIWI, then most likely this is a young provider who will not last long afloat. Unwillingness to register a legal entity indicates a frivolous approach to business. Also, you should be alerted by the lack of the ability to pay for services for a month. If you are immediately offered a rental for three months, six months or a year, even at a very attractive price, you should not agree. It is likely that by providing a low-quality service, the provider only keeps customers by feeling sorry for the money already spent.

No matter how good the provider, problems happen for everyone. It is possible to minimize the risk of losing customers and therefore financial losses only if the hoster provides sensible and quickly working technical support.

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You should be interested not in the number of problems everyone has them, but in how the hoster reacts to negative comments. Do not trust those who deny problems or transfer their solution to a private conversation. If the provider provides a public report on the solution to the problem, and if the client is wrong, he can explain in detail and clearly what his mistake is, then such a company can be trusted.

Figures are numbers, but you can verify the quality of services only by testing them. A good hosting provider always provides a test period during which you can decide whether to stay with it. Now you have all the necessary information and you can choose the best provider.

We hope that you already know what hosting means and why hosting is needed for the site. If not, read about virtual hosting what is it in simple words described in the article: What is hosting and why is it needed?

Here we will tell you how to choose the right hosting service for a site for a beginner. The choice of hosting and hosting panel depends on what programming language the site is written in. If you are new to hosting, your site must have been created using CMS. If your site is created on WordPress, Joomla, MODx, Drupal, OpenCart, Linux hosting is suitable for you (the recommended hosting tariff is Host-A and higher). By the way, popular CMS can be installed on Linux hosting automatically. You can also order free hosting for HTML sites for 14 days.

Hosting: Linux or Windows

Many people ask questions: “what is the difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting”, “Linux or Windows hosting, which is better?” or “what hosting is better to place the site?” Let’s get it right. Unexpected fact for many: the hosting operating system is not related to the one installed on your computer. Most PCs have a permanent Windows, and Linux is associated with the mysterious world of programmers and consoles.