In the present world, we know everyone is aware of the application Tik Tok the most trending application over the internet application. That is the Tik Tok is considered to be short from video application. That is the Tik Tok is the most available and blowing application on the internet. The videos of the application are only 15 seconds long and it could contain various features over the process of editing and so on. Over the world, the application Tik Tok contains five hundred millions of users. Through getting the attention of the users and followers the application has more users and can get tiktok likes over millions of accounts with the more valuable start-up of the Chinese company. Through the use of the application, one can make out of more money through the increase of the users and followers of the account.

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About Tik Tok and its founder:

The application Tik Tok has been described as the most available platform or destination over the creation of short videos on mobile phones. The users of the application have been in the massive base, and the united states the application got the download about to 80 million in number. And Tik Tok has been considered to be a more popular application among young users. The application Tik Tok has been launched around the year 2012 and it has been owned by ByteDance with the valuation amount of valuation with seventy-five billion dollars. The application has more features over the use of the users and provides more advantages and also provides some disadvantages over the users and also among society.

About the CEO of Tik Tok:

The founder and CEO of ByteDance are known to be Zhang Yiming who is an entrepreneur, only thirty-five years old, and has the background that could be included with the real estate search engine creation. It is very scarce to know about the information on Zhang. Zhang was not an available person to make with an interview. But he shows out his details only on his Instagram page that contains some of his posts about him and some of the videos and sceneries of Tokyo on his page. And the most promising picture of Zhang is the one in that he is standing in front of the world’s first computer. In the year 2015, Zhang has given an interview at Nankai University where he revealed his interest in reading that he has spent most of the time reading while studying in college. He is not possible in social behavior and he has been considered to be the science man and even he has revealed himself in a reunion as being a science person. For getting extra money Zhang has built some of the websites and not only websites and he makes out of teaching the troubleshooting.

The artificial intelligence of the employees:

To make analysis over the interest of the users and to find out their interest over the content the employees of Tik Tok make use of artificial intelligence. And after make a consideration about the content, they feed up the desired content to the users according to every individual. Based on the commands and likes of the videos the employees make classification over the interest of the content.