We are dependent!

Day by day the world will become so close without the time. They don’t bother about others. Nowadays people are love in modern technology and the don’t bother about there elders. They work in the office till the day end. They don’t even care about the family, they only care about money. And live their own life in the generation. They just love to be with them, but they didn’t have time to help them. To protect them. They would like to spend time with a lot of others. But they just try to do that. So that we can send them in a Care Homes In Leicester . But it that we can use them a good time for them.

The increasing scale

Care Homes In Leicester

All over the world, The old home for elders is on large scale. It is the home for the old or senior citizens whose age is above 60 or 70. It is the responsibilities of the children’s to take care of their aged parents in the first place, But in the modern time the children have no time to take care their parent in the old age, and it is a shame to say that we can’t take care of our parents.


In other countries, the old homes have all facilities like food, clothes, and shelter. They have a healthy life in their old age homes because in the other countries the government undertake and run the old age home and also by some nongovernmental organizations. In our country, it is in the hand of some people who has the compassion in the senior citizens, but they don’t have enough money or recourse, So that why our countries old age homes are in a very poor condition. To prevent this, we must take care of our parents in old age and spend time with them. And the government also takes care of the old age homes and satisfies their necessary needs and there needs.

Social distancing

Nowadays old age homes are increasing because of social lifestyle changes, they loved to live in a nuclear or compact family. The elder parents are worried about their children & grandchildren. On the other side, they are feeling better & relax with their old age friends. The old age home take care of the old parents & they prevent minor health problems & the expenses wouldn’t be taken by the home. It would be collected by the guardian of the elder parents.

An atmosphere!

The old age home giving a good atmosphere to the elder parents. Like walking, Gardening, playing carom board these things make them feel much better when they do with their old age friends. And also The old age home’s conduct varies types of competition like lemon-in-the spoon, cooking, singing to boost up their extracurricular activity.

The regional imbalance!

We just forget that the old age people are the pillars of the culture and language and also the society who is by making young age people know who they are and where they from. But we still make out them to be in frustration and made a habit of letting them out when they get old.