The bulbs utilized in the normal Lamps area unit “Fluorescent Tubes” that contain gas (Mercury, Neon, etc.) not invariably banal for the health and not friends of the environment!

The Lamps, in fact, cannot be simply assimilated, as a result of their break-in items, creating their recovery troublesome. Bulbs generate a touch of warmth, reaching high temperatures (from 50° up): that is why after we enter the hand within the UV LED LAMP , once some minutes, we have a tendency to may burn!

The life length of bulbs, moreover, is significantly restricted to one thousand operating hours. These Special Bulbs emit a good Spectrum of radical Violet Rays with a wavelength from 340 to 315 nm (Uva) and that they area unit indispensable to activate the chemical action that happens within our Photo-Curing merchandise.

The ultraviolet light Ray penetrates within the merchandise and meets minuscule parcels referred to as Photoinitiators that trigger the chemical action creating virtually go atoms and molecules (present in Formula) crazy. These molecules begin to quickly flip and ligature between them in little terribly resistant chains, the Oligomers.

But of these movements produce hit, almost like the rubbing of 2 objects, perceptible on the nail with completely different intensities. Shortly thenceforth, the Reaction Finishes remodelling our gelatinlike compound during a Solid and Resistant Structure!

How UV lamps work?

We at once precise that the term diode is that the signifier of “LIGHT EMITTING DIODE”: light-weight is generated then by Associate in Nursing electronic impact created by a tiny low semiconductor component, exactly the Diode, that, in keeping with the fabric used, emits light-weight even in several colours!


The first diode was developed in 1962 by an advisor for the final electrical, Nick Holonyak’s son.

The diode technology represents the evolution of the lightning below completely different points of view! The Life length of the diode Lamps is calculable at regarding twenty,000/50,000 hours (it depends on the models of the Diodes) and conjointly at the top of the life they detain any case the seventieth of the beginning light-weight Emission!

They do not have harmful substances and that they do not produce heat, as a result of they manufacture cold light-weight. They guarantee a substantial Energetic Save: the quantitative relation between the sunshine potency of the diode {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} lm/w consumption is regarding 3:1 and in some cases also 5:1 or 7:1

It implies that a customary House Lamp of one hundred watts is such as a diode Lamp of twenty watts…Equal light-weight however with a substantial Energetic Save!

The real variations reside within the Wave Length of the ultraviolet light Rays Emitted and in its Intensity: The new ultraviolet light diode Lamps if truth be told emit with bigger intensity solely a wavelength of UVA rays, the foremost vital for the chemical process of our Nail provides, not like – as we have a tendency to already aforementioned – the normal ultraviolet light Bulbs that emit a wider spectrum of radiations!

The intensity is measured by the breadth of the Wave quadratic: a bigger intensity determines a bigger brilliance of the Radiation.

It is vital specifying that the Photoinitiators gift within the completely different Gel or Gel cosmetics formulations on Trade will be of the many varieties and that they React with completely different Wavelength: for this reason, some Gel Nails or Gel Nail Polishes don’t become solid within sure Nail Lamps.