Angel is one of the sweetest words in English. Angels are also sweet as their names. Do you know that God created angels for each of us? This is a wonderful thing, right? There is some online website helps us that found your angel. Yes, you have to found an angel through some website. I mean not physically. They are helping us to find our angel name and full detail about angels. I heard about one website to help us to find our angels. If you want to know about your angel name and angel details, then you will browse at

Weird history of angels:

This is I don’t remember but I read somewhere about angels. That note states that if you believe in god, then you will believe that God will save you from all your problems. But God can’t save all their problems. Because look at the populations. Do you think it is enough number of gods for n number of peoples? No, it’s not enough. So, god must be tired of his or her work. I don’t know about god’s gender so only I noted his or her. But I believe God must be somewhere else. Because of god’s workloads, god cannot concentrate on their work. So, god decided to reduce the workloads. They found the solution and that is angels. Yes, God created angels for us. God gives some duty to angels that are protecting us. Yes, angels protect us daily not physically but spiritually. They communicate with us day by day through numbers. Yes, they send some signals and communicate with us by numbers. Those numbers are called angel numbers.

Some angels name and guardian’s name:

  • Angels are existing in every religion. Yes, they are existing in Christianity, Islamic, and various religions. And there are some Christian angels according to faith and there are, Ariel is an angel of youth, Dina is an angel of learning, Michael is an angel of loyalty, cassiel is an angel of temperance, Gavreel is an angel of peace, Ariel is an angel of nature. Some people named these angel names after their children.
  • Do you know about seven angels related to every day? There are, Michael related to Sunday, Gabriel related to Monday, Raphael related to Tuesday, Uriel related to Wednesday, selaphiel related to Tuesday, Raguel related to Friday, barachiel related to Saturday.

My angel is Aerial:

  • After read some articleS about angels. Then I had more curious to know about my angel name. So browse into that website. You know that it is very processed. After enrolling on the website. You saw the tab and that tab asks you something. You have to enter your birth month and birthday in the tab. They show your angel name with a five-time interval period. Yes, if you are born on November 11, then they will give the same angel name for peoples who born November 8 to November 13.
  • According to my date of birth, my birth angel’s name is Aerial. This is quite interesting, right? Come on guys go and find your angel.