One common question that most people have is how a regular belt is different from a gun belt as they both look almost similar to them.

Carrying a weapon is a really big responsibility. That’s why having the right belt for your weapon is necessary. A regular belt won’t be able to hold your weapon and other accessories without sagging your pants or shorts. Whereas a gun belt will prevent any pant sagging and hold your weapon in its position. Visit to find the best gun belts available.

Tips for buying the best gun belt

  • Buy a belt that matches the thickness of your holster. As, if the thickness mismatches your weapon could shift on the belt.
  • The belt should be of good quality. Most of the gun belts have multiple layers of stiff materials which give them rigidity. Also, a good quality belt will last longer and be extremely durable.
  • Never buy belts that have limited stitching. Stitches are something that holds the belt together and less stitching obviously means that the belt would break apart faster.
  • When it comes to gun belts don’t just look for the belt material, also check the hardware on them. Always choose belts that have good quality metal buckles.
  • The measurement of a belt is always important. Never buy belts that are either too short or too long. Long belts could create an obstruction.

Different types of gun belts

Leather Gun Belts

Leather belts are one of the most famous and oldest belts. You should mostly look for belts that have thick leather in them as the thicker the belt is, the stronger it is. One of the benefits of leather belts is that they are very comfortable and you can easily wear them in your daily use.

Reinforced Synthetic Gun Belts

Belts that have one or more layers of synthetic materials in them are known as synthetic gun belts. These belts are popular among people who carry extra accessories with them as this belt could handle the extra weight on it.

Nylon Gun Belts

Nylon belts are usually 2 inches in width which is good for someone who carries belt-slides. Many nylon belts also have loops for holding individual bullets.

Reinforced Leather Gun Belts

No matter how thick a leather belt is it tends to tear or wear down fast in comparison to other belts. In this belt the leather and woven materials are combined to better align and last long, while still having the same strength as a regular leather belt.

When the time comes for you to draw your gun due to any reason all these small things will matter. And not having the right gun belt could be dangerous for you. Take for example if you had a belt which did not match with the thickness of your holster. This could allow your gun to shift around on your belt and whenever you go for drawing your gun you won’t find it in the right place. This could turn out to be fatal for you as you will have to turn your eyes away from the target to locate your gun.