Asbestos is basically made of fiber and is strong enough to go through any kind of weather to protect your house. However, asbestos also has its limited period, and we must change those when the time period comes to an end, and Asbestos Removal Cambridge can help you in this. Let me tell you interesting facts about Asbestos that is banned in almost more than 5 countries. However, it is still used in the majority of the USA,  but they regularly hire an Asbestos Removal Company to get their work done.

However, during this unprecedented time, there can be cases of people not able to gain access to any abatement professional, and thereby, they might try to do this highly dangerous task on their own. It is strictly illegal in some countries and not recommended at all. As the rules and regulations laid down by the concerned authorities suggest – Asbestos Abatement must be carried out by an expert removalist with proper licenses and experience. In the majority of countries and territories, a non-licensed individual is allowed to abate non-friable asbestos, that too following the area restrictions which is the area should be no larger than 10 meters square.

Asbestos Removal Cambridge

The following steps and tips will surely assist you in removing the non-friable asbestos, if you are planning on doing this challenging task on your own, within an area restriction of 10 meters square: –

Essential tips to remember

  • If a non-licensed individual is carrying out the task of removing the non-friable asbestos, it should be confirmed that the person knows about the DOs & DONTs, possesses the necessary skills, and has completed his industrial level training. He/she must have a decent amount of experience in the field while having access to proper equipment along with a Personal Protection Kit (PPE).
  • The individual who is about to begin removing the non-friable asbestos must know that this procedure is exceedingly dangerous for the health and can have serious consequences on both, the working individual and the ones around him/her.
  • Insurance policies and schemes are not liable to pay for any damage or discomfort caused by any sort of work connected with asbestos and therefore, the individual must be aware of these facts before taking on the job. He/she could owe a lot of money for property damage or to cover the clean-up expenses to the concerned house owners.
  • 10 meters square is the size of a generic sized washroom’s one wall. The Asbestos Abatement process generally takes up a lot more space than that. Therefore, in most cases, a professional removalist or an expert restorationist is advised.
  • If you are a non-licensed home restorationist, with proper licenses, legal registrations, and a decent amount of experience in the industry, you should always make sure that you are aware of and indeed follow all of the rules, regulations, and expert tips to minimize the chances of you, exposing yourself to the deadly substance at all times.

Code of Practice: How to Safely Remove Asbestos is one such paper, published by the Safe Work organization, Australia, which can help you understand and learn more about keeping oneself safe while performing such daunting tasks.