Absolutely free, and yet legal – both the terms don’t go well with each other, especially when it comes to online movie streaming and downloading, right? However, there are a few easy tricks that can make your job easier, and you can watch videos online free of cost. We are not talking about putlocker movies here that most of you probably started guessing, but we going to show you 100% legal methods by which you will be able to enjoy hundreds of favorite movies and TV shows right from your couch – and as we said, no fee involved.

There’s probably no video streaming website that does not offer a free trial period to its new subscribers so that they can try before they purchase. The trick is to utilize this free test run offers on the movie streaming sites so that you know whether the service is worthy of paying, and the videos they showcase in their database are really fit for your individual movie tests. You’re going to run out of such test run offers eventually, that’s a given of course. But you will also get to know which movie site you like most so that you can pay the subscription fee only in that service without wasting your money on others.

putlocker movies

Are you still curious to know more? Then read more on this article to find out the top movie sites where you can get a free trial subscription instantly after signing up, and get ready to watch some blockbusters.

  1. YouTube: It’s the most popular platform for videos and movies and tv shows worldwide. You might not know this, but there are many ways in which you can watch movies and tv shows for free on YouTube. The most direct of them is to go to the movies section and browse through the collection of free and ad-supported movies. This section was recently made free but only in the US. As of now, everyone else will have to use VPN to binge away on these free movies. Apart from that, there are various other channels that post some good movies from time to time. But the catch is that you’ll have to be good at searching for them. And if you’re a lazy bum who’s not willing to put in a lot of effort, here are some names to kick start your search – there’s Maverick Entertainment, Viewster, in fact even Popcornflix has their channel on YouTube. We are also aware of the great app that YouTube has on the Play Store as well as the App Store. You also get the option of downloading videos on the app. So that means you can enjoy the content anytime, anywhere.
  2. Netflix: We don’t need to emphasize on the fact of how great Netflix is as a movie streaming site. It can be accessed from any device through the browser and stand-alone apps. They feature most of the blockbusters you wished to see on the “first-day first-show” in theater, and now they all are at your fingertips. The site doesn’t give you the option to download content in the conventional sense (you can download in the specific device where the app is installed for offline viewing, but you can’t access the files without the app itself), you can only watch it online.