There are times when there is nothing like a good cleaning, to put everything in order, is not it? Well, in our case, we can help you do that computer cleaning you’ve been putting off for a long time. For example: Are photos starting to take up a lot of space on your camera? Are the sites you use every day slow to load? Is your machine running too slow? Kindly have a peek at this website now and you will find the options well attached there. All these problems can be solved with a quick, simple computer cleaning. Also, various procedures can be done by you.

Want to have a nimbler, lighter computer? The Company, specializing in computer technical assistance, explains what you need to do to get your machine up and running. Remember that this cleaning does not exclude the need for preventive maintenance, performed by a qualified professional. After all, only an expert will be able to get a deeper diagnosis of your device problems.

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Where to start cleaning on the computer?

First, to explain the cleaning processes on the computer, we take Microsoft Windows as one of the most widely used operating systems by users. When it comes to direct cleaning of the operating system, you can start with recent, pre-fetch, and temporary files.

These types of files are created by Microsoft Windows to assist in performing certain tasks. In normal situations, they should be automatically deleted after use. However, for various reasons, these files may remain on your computer.

Notice how simple it is to eliminate them:

Press the button with the Windows symbol + letter R,

This command will open a run box on your computer, as in the example below,

Then type the name of the folders you want to have access to. In case, for temporary, you must type % TEMP% and for recent type recent to access the folder with the pre-fetch files, type the word pre-fetch. Once you have accessed the folder, select all files as you wish and delete them as in the example below: Thus, repeat the operation for each of the folders mentioned.

Also, clean your browser

If you are experiencing slow internet browsing, the problem may be the amount of data stored in the browser. However, deleting both types of files can end this problem. We are talking about cookies and caching. Cookies are small text files that websites generally use to store user preferences.

On the other hand, a cache is a temporary hard disk storage of web pages, images, and other documents. Caching is used to reduce the use of available bandwidth, to increase access speed, among other advantages. Therefore, to delete these files from your browser and contribute to computer cleaning, follow these instructions:

  • Access the browser you use as usual,
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete,
  • Click clear data.

This procedure has been tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers. To navigate the Internet more quickly, several issues should be considered, such as Internet service speed, browser choice, DNS server, etc.