The hard drive of any computer or laptop is one of the most important devices, but like any other iron equipment, it is subject to aging, mechanical damage, and software malfunctions. But the information stored in it is in many cases very important. And it’s not about operating system files without which it just will not be possible to run on the computer in normal mode. Recovering the hard disk without losing data, even if it’s called “sleeping,” in most cases, is a rather difficult process. However, if you have the right software, you can do the following yourself without resorting to the help of service center specialists. Despite the fact that many procedures are pretty tangible, there will be little need to get involved. For the data recovery boston this is important.

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The main situations where recovery of information may be required

Let’s start by looking at the cases in which you may need manual interference in the hard drive. It is almost unrealistic to repair the damaged hard drive at home, so in most cases, unless it is a matter of critical failure, you should use software methods. But here it is necessary to clearly distinguish the possible cases when it is necessary to make a recovery of data from the hard drive whether it will be damaged due to malfunctions of the hard disk itself, then the information that was accidentally removed including formatting. Depending on this, fully different types of software will be applied.

Can I recover data using Windows tools?

Naturally, many users, far from doing so, wonder if there is an option or some sort of means in the operating system itself that allows you to recover the necessary information or turn the hard drive into a working state. Unfortunately, there are no such tools in all the familiar systems of the whole family. However, despite their absence, it is possible to perform a device diagnosis stationary or external and to correct the operating system itself to gain access to the disk later in a functioning software environment.

What to do to restore system boot files?

Before recovering data from a damaged hard drive, several steps must be taken to reinstall the operating system, critical files that may be damaged due to hardware or software failures. If the system does not boot at all, you need to use a removable disk drive system or special recovery discs that can boot up the command line when booting (usually a Shift + F10 key combination is used for Boot Recovery mode). Please note that this time we only deal with deleted or corrupted system files and software errors in the hard drive in the absence of mechanical damage when the discovery of the method is not recommended or for any reason.

To run the hard drive, you need to check for bugs and broken sectors by running a command-line diagnostic tool. Then, check and recover the system files using the sfc or scannow command. If no solution is available, it makes sense to perform a boot restore or even overwrite with Bootrec.exe with additional attributes entered after a space after the main command for full It is possible that this method will lead the operating system to consciousness, and then it will be possible to directly work with pulling the damaged or deleted information from the hard drive or external media.