A virtual escape room is helping to reduce the boredom and make some time usefully. The theme of the game is to solve a few mysteries and get exit from the room. This is the theme of the game. In the present world, we all struggle in the house how to overcome this boredom. The best way is to play a Virtual Escape Room game. We can spend useful time with our family and friends. Puzzle games had different parts and different fields. According to the need of people the game was chosen. We can play the online game also with the help of the internet we join our friends and play the game that gives the connectivity and make effective friendship. We can spend useful time with our family members this can help to reduce boredom and develop family bonding.

The method of play is described below that is the first steps choose the room according to players wish that room may be the player regular room. After choosing the room identify the key words maximum four keywords are discovered by the player. The next step is to find the exit door and solve the mystery. After using the keywords in the exit door if the keywords are correct the door will open. This is the procedure of playing a virtual escape room game. People suggest their children play this game because it develops children’s creative minds and children solve the mystery by using their brains. People get a useful time to play this game there are different kinds of the playroom is available in the game. The review of the game is positive because quarantine makes every person’s stress this game give stress-free life in quarantine. Based on general knowledge the puzzle was created this develop knowledge of the people.

Trapped in the web

This is the best app to play games with their friend. On this website, we can play a virtual escape room. There are five rooms designed for the player that is race, cabin fever, a night at the theater, etc. trapped in the web there people can play solo or with team members. We can play with the chat and conversation method. Each theme had a different storyline and the story puzzle was different there are no common features in each room. There are Differing kinds of puzzle method was followed by the game creators. In online games, we had a time limit to solve the puzzle maximum of two hours. We can pay a certain amount to play the game.

The panic room

Virtual Escape Room

The panic room is an offline puzzle-solving game. There is some difference between an online puzzle game and an offline puzzle game that is in the panic room there is no time limit was set we can take many hours to solve the puzzles and find who is the killer is. The panic room was playing by pay money. According to the rooms, the price was changed. We had fun playing the panic room game. A virtual escape room was very difficult and interesting features are used in the game. It developed people’s skills and knowledge.