For affiliate marketing, a good example is Coolblue, which profiles itself as an authority in the field of consumer electronics. They apply the new ‘rules’ of SEO in a well-considered way. So how to make money with affiliate marketing ?

Proper software & hosting

For the ranking, Google not only looks at the content itself but also at the quality and topicality of the underlying software and programming data. For example, if you use WordPress, you are assured of a good basis because regular updates are performed on this.

Moreover, speed is also an important assessment factor. So choose a fast, good host. Do a little research, compare parties or get expert advice.

Always responsive

Responsive is a must in 2019 because we are increasingly looking for our information on a mobile basis. Therefore make sure that the website is designed in such a way that it can be effortlessly adapted to tablets and smartphones. Not only does Google love it, so does your potential audience, which ultimately leads to more and longer page views.

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Use the Google Search Console

Because we actually consider Google the most important search engine, it is useful to know how your site is seen and indexed by Google’s eyes. Therefore, install Google Search Console. It immediately shows which parts can be improved, page errors come up and you can immediately submit a sitemap so that Google indexes your pages even faster.

Management based on performance

Measuring performance is essential to achieve success. For example, use the free Google Analytics tool for this or the advanced MOZ. You can then check which channels your visitors come from, which pages are consulted the most and what the average reading time per page is.

Also interesting is the so-called ‘bounce rate’, or the percentage of visitors that do not go further than one page and leave the site. This analyzes also shows which keywords are doing well.

By subsequently adjusting the settings of the site like with a mixer, you can see what kind of influence this has on the performance. In my opinion, indispensable tools.


Of course, there are even more optimization tips with which you can increase your earnings as an affiliate, but this is a good basis to start with. If you have any questions or need more explanation, please let us know.

Affiliate marketing is for us the way to make money as a blogger. Why do we believe in affiliate marketing? You will understand that if you have read the facts below. Maybe you can then finally take that step to get started with affiliate marketing. If you do not yet know what affiliate marketing is at all, then first read the article: Make money with affiliate marketing: that’s how you do it.

With affiliate marketing, you can retain your editorial freedom

Of course, you will act in good conscience when you write an advertorial, but it is still commercial. We will not claim that affiliate marketing is not commercial, but we dare to say that you can make it 100x more editorial than an advertorial. You need to be sure of the whole process and that is the reason you need the best steps.