Caring homes require a good nurse in taking care of patients. This content is related to nursing in Care Home Waltham Abbey , this place is considered mainly for care homes. The nursing homes should require an RN which is abbreviated as a registered nurse, in monitoring and as well assessing the residents. The registered nurses should have education in between 2 to 6 years, they don’t require special treatment. To undergo special treatment, the registered nurses have to do some of the works such as practices in cleaning and also becoming educated in their field.

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Duties of RN (registered nurse)

There are some of the duties provided for the nurses such as

  • Medications in administrating
  • Used to maintain the reports inaccurate way.
  • Implementing the plan in care according to the patient or client.
  • Process of recording
  • Monitoring
  • Recording the medical changes that happen in the client’s body
  • In providing the direction for assistant nurses.

The licensed practical nurses require training, before taking care of clients or patients. Comparing to Registered nurses the licensed practical nurses have monitored well in residents, administrated the medications and treatments like dispensing the drugs which have been prescribed, dressing the wounds. These licensed practical nurses are mainly responsible for the clients or a patents bed care directly and they also should be carrying the daily routines.


There are some of the therapies which are carried out by the nurses, they are

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy

Occupational therapy 

This is one of the main services that is carried out by a nurse in care homes, which is known as occupational therapy. This therapy is necessary for following things such as illness or an injury to regain the skills, that are used to receive the supportive changes in cognitive or it is also said to be a physical way.

Activities that held in daily life regarding occupational therapy, are

  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Bathing and as well the instrumental activities include the
  • Financial management
  • Education
  • Sleep and rest
  • Leisure
  • Work
  • Play
  • Social participant

These are the activities that are held in daily activities and instrumental activities in daily life. The occupational therapist used to teach the strategies to the client to maximize the memory, attention to its span length, and sequencing.

Speech therapy 

Speech pathology is also a service that has been found in nursing homes. The nurses used to teach the language who gets affected in speaking, they used to diagnose the speech of a person. In case of facing trouble in speech, the nurses use to train them. The person who feels difficulty in speaking might also feel difficulty in swallowing the food. So the nurses may help in the feeding process too.

Physical therapy 

Another important thing in therapy is physical therapy, the physical therapy is related to illness, surgery and as well injury. In this case, the nurse helps in regaining of patient’s endurance, strength, balance, rate of its emotion, and flexibility and they also used to prevent them from causing any more physical injuries, reduction of pain, the pain is associated in the form of an Alzheimer, incontinence, dementia, cancer, and stroke. These the work of a nurse in care homes.