Professional coaching is a popular term for any personal assistance activities. Faced with an unregulated profession, supply is dense. In order to focus on the essentials, here is a zoom on the points to remember, in order to allow the best accompaniment. With the best quality executive coaching you can get the best support now.

The coach does not propose a miracle solution

executive coaching

Setting an intervention framework before operations is essential: it must mention jointly defined objectives. Indeed, if it is personalized support, the coach provides assistance to address a specific professional problem. It can be for example:

  • Develop your leadership (performance coaching)
  • Manage your emotions (communication coaching)
  • Driving a pitch in a networking situation
  • Identify new career opportunities (career coaching)

Be careful, the coach helps the coach to find his own answers, he does not give them: also, it is neither a therapist nor a consultant. If necessary, and with the ethics and deontology that are his, he will redirect the applicant to people whose field of expertise.

Feel confident with the coach

If the result is the result of the work of the coach, he should not take the ascendancy on the latter. It is in this sense that the substantive work will be effective. Also, if benevolence is at work in coaching, it should not be akin to complacency.

The goal is to help the other to progress by offering a specific look at the points that make it progress and those who can block it. On top of that, the very quality of the relationship is paramount in coaching. It is thus necessary to feel completely at ease in what it is unfolding.

The coach trains regularly

In order to evolve his practice and necessarily update his knowledge, he must be continuously trained. So do not hesitate to ask a serious professional coach his methods, and how he makes them evolve. The supervision of the latter, individually or in groups, is also indicated.

For what it is certifications (certified coach), attention to their use because beyond those officially recognized by major federations (ICF, SFCoach, and EMCC), the mention can be easily acquired. This is not always the guarantee of better quality.

The coach proposes a contract and clear rates

With a number of sessions defined in advance, a methodology, follow-up actions and a precise framework including an anticipated end, the coach proposes a clear arsenal: all must be formulated in writing. In order to guarantee a good quality of coaching, paying attention to low prices is also necessary (market coherence).

  • Finally, different rates may apply depending on the types of professional coaching (executive and management coaching, business coaching, team or group coaching, etc.).
  • All the hard work you have done and your dedication is why you are in this new position.
  • You have demonstrated your knowledge and skills, so it is your turn to be a manager in your field.
  • Be careful, however, you are just a manager at first experience!
  • It doesn’t matter how much you have prepared and worked for your new position, but there is still a lot to learn.

Advancing from co-worker to manager can be easy for some, but overwhelming for others. Leadership skills are also needed and new leadership qualities must and can be developed.